Optimization Opportunity

Optimized Media Improves Campaign Sales Lift By 40% and Drives $240,000 in Incremental Sales



A top food manufacturer wanted to identify any needed mid-campaign adjustments on a digital campaign for a new product launch that was aimed at increasing penetration and sales.



Using IRI Lift™, which is driven by IRI’s best-in-class methodology and integrated data assets, IRI was able to produce granular reads on the campaign by publisher, with results available within weeks and continuing weekly throughout the campaign. IRI’s optimization engine identified a trend (poor performance for programmatic) early in the campaign so reallocated impressions away from programmatic and other poor performers toward top-performing publishers and measured the potential upside for the campaign.



The client was able to dig deeper into the impact of its digital campaign, as well as the potential impact of a mid-campaign publisher optimization, allowing it to make important changes while the campaign was still running. The optimized media improved sales lift 40%, added over $240,000 in incremental sales and increased return on ad spend.

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