Media Advantage

A major carbonated beverage brand sought to increase sales by aligning paid and earned media with in-store strategies during a major holiday weekend.


With IRI Media Advantage™, the client identified an opportunity to avoid post-campaign sales declines for future campaigns.


The client could not analyze and validate its media and in-store strategies without a central view of all the data related to its ongoing marketing campaigns, including distribution, pricing, in-store promotion and media data assets.



Using IRI Media Advantage, the client brought together all of its media and in-store data into one central dashboard. This enabled the client to review each strategy it implemented and identify opportunities for further growth.


Initially, the client analyzed the total impact of their campaign by reviewing volume sales percent change versus one year ago during the holiday weekend promotion period. It validated that the entire campaign drove greater growth than key competitors.



The IRI Media Advantage dashboard revealed key insights:

  • The client’s in-store campaign drove greater growth than key competitors during the holiday time period.
  • The client’s social media campaign delivered positive sentiment amongst millennials
  • The client’s digital presence versus competitors was lower, as expected, as the client reduced digital spend other than social.
  • While sales growth was up from a year ago, the post-holiday sales decline was steeper this year than last.

The insight regarding post-holiday sales decline led the client to determine that a stronger digital presence could have helped maintain more sales momentum, and it made the decision to maintain digital presence after holiday campaigns


With IRI Media Advantage, the client was able to validate the impact of each element of its strategy. The solution also enabled the client to identify an opportunity for a stronger digital presence, which was worth an additional 10 percent growth.

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