Loyalty Card Data Improves Promotions

Loyalty-Based Segments Improve Manufacturer-Retailer Collaboration for Consumer Targeting and Marketing


A manufacturer with a portfolio of brands (some category leaders and some followers) was looking to improve its understanding of the impact of in-store merchandising on a particular brand in order to create more precise and effective marketing and targeting strategies. Specifically, the client needed to know which consumers were responding to its promotions, whether the promotions were directly improving market share in the long term and which promotions were impacting the client’s core segments.


IRI leveraged retailer-specific loyalty card databases and, by mapping longitudinal household-level brand purchase data to the client’s promotional events, helped the client understand how different loyalty-based shopper archetypes engaged in the category and with the client’s brand during promotional events. Analysis of sales by individual brand promotion helped discern new and unique segment-specific behavior. For example, IRI found that two different pack sizes within a brand were appealing to and attracting different segments when promoted. While the larger pack promotions appealed to Brand Switchers, the smaller pack promotions brought in more Competitive Loyals. And, while holiday promotions primarily catered to Brand Loyalists, they did bring in more new Brand Buyers than regular promotions. Leveraging loyalty card data to understand segment-specific behavior is especially important in the COVID context with continuously evolving shopping behavior, to maximize the ROI from marketing and targeting efforts.


The findings enabled the manufacturer to fine-tune its brand promotion strategy to better serve its multiple objectives of improving incremental sales and driving brand share. The client was also able to have smarter discussions with the retailer around consumer engagement to improve collaboration on promotion execution.

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