Insights To Reengage Lapsed Buyers

Insights on Lapsed Buyers Ignite Growth for Brand


A snack manufacturer had previously launched a “better for you” frozen dessert product that stood out as a healthy alternative to consumers. In the latest year, however, it had experienced notable sales declines, especially among heavier brand buyers. This decline was not being offset by new buyers and the brand was eager to uncover the underlying causes.


Known lapsed buyers were identified within IRI’s Consumer NetworkTM panel and targeted for a survey along with new and retained product buyer groups for comparison. The objectives of the research were to identify key shoppers driving the decline, understand why shoppers were leaving the brand, and to prioritize product adjustments that would drive loyalty among newer buyers and recapture the lapsed buyers.

The survey revealed a large gap between these two key groups related to perceptions of the product’s nutrition and fit with diet and lifestyle – characteristics that are also key drivers of repurchase.

The survey results identified the following calls to action:


This survey from IRI allowed the client re-charge its brand as it gained robust insight into the thoughts and opinions of lapsed and retained brand buyers. The results helped the client shape future on-pack messaging and potential product innovation around single serve packages and new flavors – changes that will stem losses and drive growth for the brand.

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