Grocery Retailer Uses Customer Loyalty Data to Improve CPG Omnichannel Strategies

Grocery Retailer Uses Customer Loyalty Data to Improve CPG Omnichannel Strategies


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a seismic shift in channel migration trends. A large grocery retailer approached IRI to help it understand how shifting trends are impacting its most important shoppers and help it anticipate how post-COVID behaviors will play out across the omnichannel marketplace.


By tapping into the retailer’s frequent shopper program (FSP or loyalty) data, IRI was able to segment shoppers by fulfillment preference. The team looked at behavior and spending for in-store-only shoppers, as well as shoppers who began shopping online after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The team further segmented to understand which shoppers have become more regular users of online fulfillment versus those who tried it once and then reverted to in-store behaviors. IRI found that the grocery retailer's repeat e-commerce buyers spend nearly 2X in-store-only buyers

And, once shoppers begin purchasing online, their online spending increases over time.


The e-commerce project with this retailer continues, with the IRI team and the retailer team partnering to take a granular look at impact across departments and aisles. E-commerce share of sales is fairly consistent across departments, with an average of over 6%. The top growth products are all basket staples. The tracking process is arming the retailer with the insights it needs to quickly and accurately pivot in-store and e-commerce strategies to remain in lockstep with evolving buyer behaviors.

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