Using proprietary Hispanic segment data and insights, IRI’s recommendations yielded an 8 percent lift in brand consumption and a 159 percent increase in word of mouth for the client.



A leading global snacks manufacturer wanted to measure the impact of advertising spend on Spanish-language television to ensure that it added value, both from a consumption and brand perspective, before making a larger investment.

Through IRI’s Hispanic Insights Advantage solution, the client recognized the Hispanic segment as a top consumer of one of its core brands. Despite a limited budget, the client wanted to measure and prove the marketing effectiveness of Spanish-language television campaigns before making a significant investment the following year.


To better understand brand preferences of Hispanic consumers across all available markets and geographies, the client leveraged Hispanic Insights Advantage, a point-of-sale-based ethnic segmentation module. The solution drives growth and brand equity through:

  • Precise data science combined with an innovative new methodology of ethnic segmentation.
  • Hispanic fact-based sales insights to all releasable markets, geographies and retailer accounts.
  • Fully syndicated integration into IRI’s leading technology platform, IRI Liquid Data™.

By using the tool, IRI and the client identified Spanish-referred Hispanics as the top consumer of one of the client’s core brands across several core metrics:

  • Dollar sales per buyer.
  • Unit sales per buyer.
  • Unit sales per occasion.

The client wanted to invest in Spanish-language television in order to capitalize on the popularity of its brand with the Hispanic consumer segment. In order to prove that the investment would yield a sufficient return on advertising spend, the client asked IRI to measure both word of mouth and brand effect for the Hispanic consumer, specifically brand recall, message recall and brand likeability. These statistics were then compared to ads aired on English-language television

IRI found that ads aired on channels such as Univision and Telemundo outperformed their English-language counterparts among Hispanic millennials in all the areas measured.



After IRI proved the positive brand effect that Spanish-language advertising had on the Hispanic consumer segment, the client grew its Spanish-language investment by 444 percent (28 percent of the brand’s TV spend versus 17 percent in the prior year). This led to a 159 percent increase in Hispanic word of mouth and an increase in brand consumption of 8 percent (versus 4 percent among non-Hispanics).


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