C-Suite Conversations:
Stuart Aitken, Chief Merchant and Marketing Officer,
The Kroger Co.

IRI is hosting a series of in-depth discussions with C-level leaders on how they and their businesses are managing through the COVID-19 pandemic. This session features Stuart Aitken, chief merchant and marketing officer for The Kroger Co.

Kroger quickly put new measures into place as the pandemic was ramping up, listening to associates and customers on what each needed, and making decisions based on little data given the unprecedented nature of the pandemic. By testing and learning incredibly quickly, Kroger was able to create a blueprint for the safe re-opening of the U.S. that it shared with companies across the grocery and restaurant industries, demonstrating Kroger’s commitment to community and how an organization can move, adapt and change at the same pace of its customers.

During this conversation with IRI, Stuart talks about his journey to grocery retail, Kroger’s focus on doing good, and how data and analytics are helping speed progress at the world’s largest supermarket retailer.