Trade Investment: A Powerful Lever for Long-Term Growth

Despite increased investment in trade promotion by CPG manufacturers in recent years, IRI data demonstrates that companies are generally earning less for it.

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Battle of the Brands…or Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

As retailers and manufacturers struggle to understand the purchase dynamics of each category, consumers are roaming the aisles to find products that satisfy their individual needs.

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IRI and Turner Find ROI Growth Potential for CPG Brands in a More Balanced Approach Between Promotion and Media Advertising

IRI and global media company Turner partnered on a study to distil insights and establish consistent principles from marketing mix studies across 62 brands representing $20 billion in sales and $3 billion in marketing spend across food, beverages, health care, beauty and home ...

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Grocery Prices Plummeting…Your Next Move?

If you are a CPG manufacturer, what’s your next move during this tumultuous time? 

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New Product Launches: Why the Second Year is More Important

Product innovation is vital for CPG companies that want to continue to grow, and those that fail to innovate can find themselves literally pushed off of store shelves. However, while most new brands have robust launch year plans that include maximum marketing support, many bra...

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Five Ways Retailers Can Activate Their Customers and Categories

Let’s face it – competition in the retail space continues to get more fierce. Whether it is a battle over pricing and promotion, online versus offline strategies, or the increasingly complicated shopper journey, major retailers wrestle every day with how to stay a ...

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How to Excite High-Value Health and Beauty Shoppers

The vast majority of shoppers make lists before they go shopping to maximize their time and make sure they get what they truly need. Even more compelling is that a quarter of shoppers actually make the extra effort to include specific brands on their lists. Improving shopper t...

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Marketers Positioned to Unwrap Higher Sales this Holiday Season

With the 2014 holiday season drawing near, marketers should have a lot to feel good about, according to IRI’s Q3 2014 MarketPulse™ survey. Consumer confidence is on an upward trajectory, and shoppers say they’re planning to spend a bit more during this holida...

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Spirited Analytics

The great English poet and romantic Lord Byron, usually the composer of flamboyant verse and intricate alliteration, when faced with the eternal question that comes before us all, chose to answer it with analytic simplicity: “What’s drinking? A mere pause from thin...

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