Making the Most of Meat Growth in 2022

IRI's Jonna Parker shares strategies for sustaining meat department growth in 2022 through product variety, finding the right mix of premiumization and affordability, engaging young shoppers, providing meal and entertainment solutions incorporating meat, and more.

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Battle of the Brands…or Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

As retailers and manufacturers struggle to understand the purchase dynamics of each category, consumers are roaming the aisles to find products that satisfy their individual needs.

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Grocery Prices Plummeting…Your Next Move?

If you are a CPG manufacturer, what’s your next move during this tumultuous time? 

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A Closer Look at Discount Supermarkets

Leading global discount supermarkets have begun investing in the U.S. and extending their footprint. Shoppers are attracted by their low prices and good quality assortment. This can be a challenge for more traditional supermarkets that want to keep their shoppers from switchin...

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Improve Your Programmatic Ad Buying Strategies

Technology is doing a pretty good job of helping marketers maximize their media investments while also vigilantly protecting their brands. Programmatic buying, also known as automated digital ad buying, in particular, is making ad buying more efficient and effective.

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What CPG Shoppers are Focused on Right Now

While CPG shoppers still love to get a good deal, it’s not all about the price.

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Maximize Your Growth With Value-Added Meat

Value-Added Meat (that is, fresh meat items in the service meat case or overwrapped meat case that have at least one step of further preparation) has been growing steadily in recent years. These meat products grew a hearty eight percent in 2014 and are now a $4 billion categor...

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Millennials More Financially Optimistic, But Still Seeking Deals

According to IRI’s latest MarketPulse survey, which provides a quarterly snapshot of shoppers’ behaviors and attitudes, consumers are feeling more optimistic about their personal financial situations and future. In the most recent quarter, millennials, in particula...

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Eight Ways to Put Your New Product on the Path to Growth

Product innovation is the lifeblood of most CPG manufacturers. Even though consumers typically rely on a limited number of “go to” food and household staples, they’re open to new products that will make their lives easier, simpler and more rewarding. In fact,...

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Five Ways Retailers Can Activate Their Customers and Categories

Let’s face it – competition in the retail space continues to get more fierce. Whether it is a battle over pricing and promotion, online versus offline strategies, or the increasingly complicated shopper journey, major retailers wrestle every day with how to stay a ...

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How to Grow in a Flat Category: Household Cleaning Products

As the U.S. economic recovery continues, shopper behavior is mixed: some shoppers have continued their frugal ways while others have begun spending again. The $23.3 billion home cleaning business has faced several years of challenges as a result of consumers’ ongoing eff...

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Pricing Strategy Moves Front and Center to Drive Sustainable Growth

Harnessing the potential of big data in every aspect of a company’s operations is a highly attractive goal, but it’s one that can be difficult to achieve. IRI and Columbia Business School’s Center for Pricing and Revenue Management recently held their second ...

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IRI and Columbia Business School to Present Second Annual Program on Pricing Analytics

On Oct. 28 and 29, IRI and the Center for Pricing and Revenue Management at Columbia Business School will present our second annual executive education program on the Columbia University campus. Titled, “Pricing Analytics: The Art and Science of Profitable Growth,”...

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Food and Beverage Price Inflation: Spotting Emerging Trends

Today’s CPG retailers and manufacturers have several variables to contend with in order to drive sales and meet company goals. As retailers, manufacturers and consumers do not exist in a vacuum, maintaining and gaining market share relies on implementing mechanisms to ac...

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