Get the Complete Picture Through Cross-Channel Measurement

It’s all about figuring out how to get to that sweet spot between the most impactful channels and the most desired results.

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"Olympic"-Sized Social Media Audiences Puts a Twist in Advertising Methods

Why the Olympic Games in Rio is being billed as “the most successful media event in history” and what’s vital to know when measuring your own cross-platform campaigns. 

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Integrated Mobile and Location Data Offers a Big Payoff for Marketers

Learn more about location data, how it can be linked to disparate data sources to create a unified view of a consumer, and what marketers should consider when they want to combine CPG-related data with location data. 

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Back-To-School 2016: How Shopper Marketers are Shifting to Active Intent Strategies

What are shopper marketers doing to make sure their message is getting to every back-to-school shopper at the exact moment they’re ready to make a purchase? 

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Winning the Consumer Personalization Revolution

Studies show that people want personalized experiences that are relevant and timely. It gives them a sense of control and reduces their perception of information overload.

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The Rise of Millennials – and What Marketers Should Do

When was the last time you had the opportunity to look through the lens of a kaleidoscope? 

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What Every CPG E-Commerce Strategy Needs

With the rise of online shopping, consumer purchase habits are changing at a breakneck speed. Not since the invention of the automobile, and the freedom it gave consumers to shop in farther-away places, have American consumers adjusted their buying behavior so drastically.

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Intelligent Activation Drives TV ROI: Lessons Across Categories and Brands

Our clients are telling us that they want to be more efficient with paid media, ensuring that they reach the right customers with their brand messages in order to drive product sales. In television, still the largest media channel for most consumer packaged goods (CPG) adverti...

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Where, Oh Where are the Pockets of Growth in CPG?

In a time where CPG manufacturers and retailers are struggling to find sustainable growth, there are still a number of options. Growth can certainly come from focusing on the store perimeter, which is currently experiencing growth three times the total store.

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Leveraging POS Data and Location-Based Targeting for Mobile Advertising Success

Mobile is not only becoming a prevalent mechanism for media consumption; it is also disrupting the advertising industry. Traditionally, mobile data was subject to cookie tracking, which has long dominated the digital media measurement/targeting ecosystem. Yet, cookie tracking ...

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