CPG Consumers Seeing Price Increases and Out-of-Stocks as COVID-19 Launches a Recessionary Period

So much has changed during the past few months since COVID-19 became a public health crisis and has now morphed into a financial pandemic creating havoc in the U.S. and globally.

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The Rise of Hard Seltzers and What’s Next in Beverage Alcohol

Many people say that fashion is the mirror of society, but another way to see how culture is evolving is by looking at what people are drinking.

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Connecting with Consumers in the Perimeter Aisle and Beyond

During the past few years, the grocery store perimeter has been evolving to accommodate the changing food needs and preferences of today’s consumers.

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The Rise of Food Transparency

Food transparency is a growing trend: consumers want to know where food comes from.

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Winning with Hispanic Shoppers

Learn about the growing e-commerce opportunity with Hispanic shoppers, including which categories they are most likely to buy online, and what you can do to better reach them.   

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The Rise of Millennials – and What Marketers Should Do

When was the last time you had the opportunity to look through the lens of a kaleidoscope? 

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What Dairy Manufacturers Need to Know to Grow

Finding new growth continues to be challenging. This is especially true if you’re looking to grow in more traditional areas of the store, such as dairy.

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Where, Oh Where are the Pockets of Growth in CPG?

In a time where CPG manufacturers and retailers are struggling to find sustainable growth, there are still a number of options. Growth can certainly come from focusing on the store perimeter, which is currently experiencing growth three times the total store.

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How Millennials and Boomers Snack

Use data to capture new growth in snacks, especially with these two important consumer segments.

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Millennials More Financially Optimistic, But Still Seeking Deals

According to IRI’s latest MarketPulse survey, which provides a quarterly snapshot of shoppers’ behaviors and attitudes, consumers are feeling more optimistic about their personal financial situations and future. In the most recent quarter, millennials, in particula...

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The 2020 Shopper and What It Means for CPG Marketers

The market is experiencing unprecedented changes in the way people shop and engage with categories, brands and stores. If you are a consumer packaged goods manufacturer or retailer, the future is promising…that is, if you are paying close attention to the major U.S. mar...

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