Making the Most of Meat Growth in 2022

IRI's Jonna Parker shares strategies for sustaining meat department growth in 2022 through product variety, finding the right mix of premiumization and affordability, engaging young shoppers, providing meal and entertainment solutions incorporating meat, and more.

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What Fresh Foods Need Now to Capture Today's Health and Wellness Consumers

Learn how retailers and manufacturers of fresh foods can capture today’s health and wellness consumers with the right products and messages.

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Four Meat Trends to Watch This Year

The meat department grew 19.2% in 2020, to $82.5 billion. Here are four key trends for manufacturers and retailers to keep growth going in 2021.

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Meat Sales Are Soaring During the Pandemic: What’s Next?

Amid concerns over the meat supply chain as a result of plant closures due to the coronavirus.

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Beyond Milk and Meat: Plant-Based Foods Continue to Sprout New Growth Across Categories

Consumer interest and adoption of plant-based foods continue to surge, and we’re now at a tipping point where I think it’s safe to say these foods are becoming mainstream. Food Business News recently called plant-based foods the trend of the year, as consumers increasingly inc...

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Leveraging Better-for-You Meat Transparency Claims

Transparency is a growing trend in the meat industry. People want to know what goes into the food they eat, where it’s from, and how it’s made. As this holistic health trend grows among consumers, antibiotic free (ABF) and organic meat claims are impacting total ov...

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Maximize Your Growth With Value-Added Meat

Value-Added Meat (that is, fresh meat items in the service meat case or overwrapped meat case that have at least one step of further preparation) has been growing steadily in recent years. These meat products grew a hearty eight percent in 2014 and are now a $4 billion categor...

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