Collaboration Paves the Path to Private Brand Growth

There are specific strategies that both private brands and manufacturer brands can focus on to meet shoppers’ needs, build loyalty and drive performance.

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Grocery Prices Plummeting…Your Next Move?

If you are a CPG manufacturer, what’s your next move during this tumultuous time? 

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The Cleanest Path to Growth for Home Care Brands

The home care products industry, which includes household cleaners, laundry care items and air fresheners, has been relatively stable, with about $24 billion in sales and 1.2 percent dollar growth in the past year. 

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Consumers to Pack Less Spending in Back-to-School Bags This Year

Back-to-school shoppers are doing more planning and expect to spend less this year.

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The Consumer Quest for Affordable CPG Products

IRI just released its latest Times & Trends report on Private Label & National Brands and the results are enlightening for CPG manufacturers and retailers alike. Even with the recovering economy, four in ten people remain financially challenged and are still seeking va...

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How to Grow in a Flat Category: Household Cleaning Products

As the U.S. economic recovery continues, shopper behavior is mixed: some shoppers have continued their frugal ways while others have begun spending again. The $23.3 billion home cleaning business has faced several years of challenges as a result of consumers’ ongoing eff...

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