What Fresh Foods Need Now to Capture Today's Health and Wellness Consumers

Learn how retailers and manufacturers of fresh foods can capture today’s health and wellness consumers with the right products and messages.

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Past Recessions Meet Current Health Crisis to Shape New Market

By now you’ve likely lost track of how many times you’ve heard “unprecedented” used to describe life during COVID-19. While we haven’t experienced a pandemic like this in our lifetimes — and hopefully won’t again — we have experienced economic recession. A little more than a d...

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The Growing Acceptance of Plant-Based Foods

It’s clear that consumers across the board have a growing interest in plant-based foods, including plant-based protein.

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The Self-Care Revolution: How Brands Are Helping Consumers Help Themselves

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, many consumers are taking their health and wellness into their own hands through an array of self-care activities.

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Following Your Gut: The Future of Digestive Health Products

While the U.S. OTC market has struggled to find growth in recent years, digestive health brands are seeing rapid growth, by double digits year over year in the recent past. Even marketers of more traditional OTC brands need to understand the impact of these products on their b...

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The National Sweet Tooth: How Consumer and Shopper Sweetener Trends are Shaping Up

Holiday sweet treats are still clearly a tradition; in 2017, more than $1.7 billion was spent on candy just for Valentine’s Day, according to the Nation...

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How the Holistic Health Trend Will Influence the Fresh Food Category

Holistic health is the new consumer-based definition of health and wellness, and it requires companies to take a 360-degree view of all consumer activities that revolve around health. 

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Four Macro Trends Snack Food Manufacturers and Retailers Can’t Ignore

While snacking occasions continue to increase, snack food manufacturers and retailers need to be aware of some relevant macro trends that are impacting whether consumers buy a brand or leave it on the shelf.

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