The Future of Food: Five Consumer COVID Trends That Are Here to Stay

Five key trends that are redefining the future of food that CPG manufacturers and retailers should be watching for.

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Leverage the Power of Perishables by Differentiating Fresh Food Offerings

Three key areas offer retailers and manufacturers fantastic differentiation opportunities, whether in-store, online or out-of-store with digital or other media.

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The Growing Acceptance of Plant-Based Foods

It’s clear that consumers across the board have a growing interest in plant-based foods, including plant-based protein.

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The National Sweet Tooth: How Consumer and Shopper Sweetener Trends are Shaping Up

Holiday sweet treats are still clearly a tradition; in 2017, more than $1.7 billion was spent on candy just for Valentine’s Day, according to the Nation...

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Fulfilling CPG Shoppers’ Desires for Localization

The importance of eating local food and supporting local businesses is growing, especially among younger consumers.

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Customizing Products and Experiences to the New CPG Consumer

When was the last time you picked up takeout from a favorite restaurant and ate it at home? How often have you picked up a side dish or salad from a grocery store for the sake of convenience?

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Prevention, Personalization and Pizzazz Characterize New Product Pacesetters

Healthier-for-you products, niche products positioned to meet needs of discrete shopper segments and products that excite consumers with new flavors and scents represent three of the critical paths to CPG growth as identified in IRI’s 2016 New Product Pacesetters™ ...

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The Rise of Food Transparency

Food transparency is a growing trend: consumers want to know where food comes from.

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How to Lead Growth in CPG

Every year, IRI and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) rank more than 400 U.S. CPG manufacturers on three critical growth metrics.

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Boomers: Key Shoppers in the Refrigerated and Frozen Aisles

Everyone in CPG is talking about millennials/Generation Y and even Generation Z, and how to prepare for these digitally-savvy and diverse up-and-coming shoppers as their spending power increases. While it’s vital to have a solid strategy for reaching these younger U.S. c...

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Marketers Positioned to Unwrap Higher Sales this Holiday Season

With the 2014 holiday season drawing near, marketers should have a lot to feel good about, according to IRI’s Q3 2014 MarketPulse™ survey. Consumer confidence is on an upward trajectory, and shoppers say they’re planning to spend a bit more during this holida...

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Shedding Light on Digital Campaigns In Progress

The click is dead. While it was an important measure in the earliest days of the commercial Web, it has become meaningless, if not a negatively correlated data point. During the past year we’ve had multiple opportunities to present on the subject of how online ads are mo...

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Food and Beverage Price Inflation: Spotting Emerging Trends

Today’s CPG retailers and manufacturers have several variables to contend with in order to drive sales and meet company goals. As retailers, manufacturers and consumers do not exist in a vacuum, maintaining and gaining market share relies on implementing mechanisms to ac...

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