Three Trends That Are Shifting the U.S. Pet Supply Industry During COVID-19

Today’s pet owners are taking their love of pets to a new level. When pet owners browse aisles for kibble, catnip and treats, they’re bringing the same list of requirements that they’d bring to the grocery aisle for the products they are going to consume. The leading trends ar...

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Three Key Strategies to Improve E-Commerce Sales

The lack of online grocery adoption creates a huge opportunity for CPG manufacturers and retailers to leverage the latest e-commerce insights to identify and act on significant growth pockets.

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How to Use Content to Engage Shoppers in an Omnichannel Environment

Grow your brand across channels with the right online content.

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Connecting Consumers, Retailers and Brands Across the Path to Purchase

While digital and e-commerce have forever altered the consumer path to purchase – and it continues to evolve – CPG brands and retailers have new opportunities to uncover growth.

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Seven Steps to a Winning Personalization Strategy

With all the messages coming at consumers each day, it’s not surprising that they pay more attention to messages personalized to their specific needs.

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Four Macro Trends Snack Food Manufacturers and Retailers Can’t Ignore

While snacking occasions continue to increase, snack food manufacturers and retailers need to be aware of some relevant macro trends that are impacting whether consumers buy a brand or leave it on the shelf.

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Prioritizing CPG E-Commerce Strategies to Win Big

E-commerce is more than just a channel – it is leading the way for growth in CPG.

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Winning by an Eyelash: The Impact of Digital on the Path to Beauty Purchase

Learn more about beauty buyers’ shopping habits and purchase influences, and what manufacturers and retailers can do to capture more share of the beauty wallet online and offline.

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What Every CPG E-Commerce Strategy Needs

With the rise of online shopping, consumer purchase habits are changing at a breakneck speed. Not since the invention of the automobile, and the freedom it gave consumers to shop in farther-away places, have American consumers adjusted their buying behavior so drastically.

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The Cleanest Path to Growth for Home Care Brands

The home care products industry, which includes household cleaners, laundry care items and air fresheners, has been relatively stable, with about $24 billion in sales and 1.2 percent dollar growth in the past year. 

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How to Win in Online Grocery

When was the last time you or someone you know bought milk online? What about diapers? While milk may not (yet) be a popular e-commerce item, we know that diapers and some other shelf stable CPG products are steadily growing sales online.

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The 2020 Shopper and What It Means for CPG Marketers

The market is experiencing unprecedented changes in the way people shop and engage with categories, brands and stores. If you are a consumer packaged goods manufacturer or retailer, the future is promising…that is, if you are paying close attention to the major U.S. mar...

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CPGs: It’s Time to Prepare for the Digital Future

How can CPG companies best position themselves for digital and e-commerce success? During the next five years, companies need to plan for a “1-5-10” market, in which e-commerce’s current 1 percent penetration will likely expand to 5 percent by 2018 and could ...

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