Shopper Data Is the Key to Sizzling Up Long-Term Success

Which shoppers are most important to your brand’s success? Without shopper data, is there any way to answer these important questions?

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Loyalty Card Data Illuminates $25 Million Aisle Opportunity

Loyalty card data (aka frequent shopper program data) is a key to success.

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Battle of the Brands…or Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

As retailers and manufacturers struggle to understand the purchase dynamics of each category, consumers are roaming the aisles to find products that satisfy their individual needs.

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Use Data and Empathy to Personalize Shopping Experiences

When was the last time you had a positive grocery shopping experience that really stood out to you? What made it stand out?

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Leveraging Better-for-You Meat Transparency Claims

Transparency is a growing trend in the meat industry. People want to know what goes into the food they eat, where it’s from, and how it’s made. As this holistic health trend grows among consumers, antibiotic free (ABF) and organic meat claims are impacting total ov...

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A Closer Look at Discount Supermarkets

Leading global discount supermarkets have begun investing in the U.S. and extending their footprint. Shoppers are attracted by their low prices and good quality assortment. This can be a challenge for more traditional supermarkets that want to keep their shoppers from switchin...

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Is It Time to Reassess Your Product Assortment Decisions?

Is it time to reassess your product assortment decisions?

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Boomers: Key Shoppers in the Refrigerated and Frozen Aisles

Everyone in CPG is talking about millennials/Generation Y and even Generation Z, and how to prepare for these digitally-savvy and diverse up-and-coming shoppers as their spending power increases. While it’s vital to have a solid strategy for reaching these younger U.S. c...

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Optimizing Your Product Assortment: Design for Growth

Trends in the marketplace – busier-than-ever shoppers, localized competition, and the impact of digital – are making the retail environment more complex. Deciding which products to have in-store and online continues to be a universal challenge for both manufacturer...

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