Four Meat Trends to Watch This Year

The meat department grew 19.2% in 2020, to $82.5 billion. Here are four key trends for manufacturers and retailers to keep growth going in 2021.

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Five Ways CPG Brands Can Use Media to Grow During Uncertain Times

A grocery store with never-ending lines, empty shelves and outdated displays. Shoppers racing to the toilet paper aisle to grab the last rolls.

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The Next Normal: Using Foot Traffic and Sales Data to Map the Road to Recovery

As U.S. states have now reopened in some capacity, there are several signs that consumers are cautiously re-entering the market with safety measures in place.

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When There’s No Time to Wait: Get Ahead of the CPG Demand Curve

The phrase “the new normal” has become ubiquitous as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dramatically impact most aspects of our lives, including our shopping and consumption behaviors.

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CPG Consumers Seeing Price Increases and Out-of-Stocks as COVID-19 Launches a Recessionary Period

So much has changed during the past few months since COVID-19 became a public health crisis and has now morphed into a financial pandemic creating havoc in the U.S. and globally.

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Meat Sales Are Soaring During the Pandemic: What’s Next?

Amid concerns over the meat supply chain as a result of plant closures due to the coronavirus.

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When Consumers Want to Stock up and Get Out: Integrated Insights Capture High-Value Shoppers on the Fly

We are now a few months into the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.

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How to Manage Phantom Inventory in the Age of COVID-19

Phantom inventory is one of the biggest challenges that retailers face when managing proper inventory levels and availability on the shelf.

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How Automated Insights Are Powering Retailer-Supplier Collaboration as COVID-19 Presents More Challenges

With consumers continuing to panic-buy and stockpile items from the grocery store, the CPG sector is on the front lines of the rapidly shifting COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 and Its Impact on CPG and Total Store Sales

Panic buying has somewhat slowed and certain items now have restrictions on the number purchased, we are seeing significant changes across much of the store.

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CPG Stockpiling: What to Expect Now and When It’s Over

Past crises provide a look at the short- and long-term effects of stockpiling behavior.

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Four Ways Larger CPGs Can Best Manage a Grocery Stockpiling Event

See recommendations on how to navigate stockpiling challenges during this time

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Five Ways Smaller Brands Can Manage a Stockpiling Event

There are unique recommendations for smaller and lower-penetration brands during this time.

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