IRI and Columbia Business School to Present Second Annual Program on Pricing Analytics

By Sharat Mathur

On Oct. 28 and 29, IRI and the Center for Pricing and Revenue Management at Columbia Business School will present our second annual executive education program on the Columbia University campus. Titled, “Pricing Analytics: The Art and Science of Profitable Growth,” this two-day course will integrate academic research and real-world examples, giving attendees key insights into the latest analytics innovations and strategies for sustained, long-term growth.

In order to thrive in today’s incredibly competitive landscape, manufacturers and retailers must leverage advanced analytics and predictive technologies. Throughout the two-day course, faculty will show executives how to develop better pricing and promotion strategies and translate those insights into customer segmentation and pricing decisions. Attendees will gain a stronger understanding of customer attitudes and behaviors, which they can use to develop pricing strategies to attract and retain shoppers, as well as actionable tactics for maximizing revenue and enhancing market share.

The course sessions will cover four critical areas:

  • Supporting better pricing and promotion decisions with analytics
  • Implementing pricing analytics within an organization
  • Transforming analytic insights into action
  • Quantifying the benefits of enhanced pricing analytics

After the success of last year’s course, I’m excited to serve as a faculty member alongside Robert Phillips, Ph.D., professor of Professional Practice, Decision, Risk and Operations, and director of Columbia University’s Center for Pricing and Revenue Management; Garrett van Ryzin, Ph.D., the Paul M. Montrone professor of Private Enterprise and chair of Decision, Risk and Operations; and my colleague John Porter, executive, portfolio and practice lead, IRI.

To cap off the program, Jeff Ansell, chairman, president and chief executive officer of the Sun Products Corporation, a leading North American fabric and household-care products company, will give a dinner presentation.

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