How Do You Target High Value Shoppers?

By: Clark Passino

We’ve been talking about the priorities and focus of CPG and retail industry executives using polling answers collected in a recent webinar.  The answers to our questions illustrate the disconnect between the current market landscape and the focus of industry executives.  While almost all CPG and retail industry executives (nine in 10) recognize that sales are highly concentrated in their category or business unit, few (two in 10) make finding high value shoppers the top priority.

What position have CPG and retail organizations taken to address the concentration of sales?  Well, we asked that question too and found that 37 percent, nearly four in 10, aren’t doing anything targeted or are only experimenting and want to do more.  Another 25 percent run targeted marketing campaigns, but don’t base those on value.  These findings further illustrate the sizeable opportunity that exists in the market to identify, attract, retain and grow those households that can really drive growth for your brand or banner.

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