CPGs: It’s Time to Prepare for the Digital Future

By: Jamil Satchu

How can CPG companies best position themselves for digital and e-commerce success? During the next five years, companies need to plan for a “1-5-10” market, in which e-commerce’s current 1 percent penetration will likely expand to 5 percent by 2018 and could accelerate to as much as 10 percent in short order.

With the goal of assisting the CPG industry with this shift, IRI worked with Google and BCG on behalf of the GMA on a landmark study, “The Digital Future: A Game Plan for Consumer Packaged Goods, ” that highlights what CPG companies need to do now to prepare for the fluctuating digital landscape.

To help CPG manufactures maximize digital growth opportunities, the new research breaks down into three parts:

  • An assessment of key trends that will reshape the CPG industry during the next five years
  • Defining the implications these trends will have for CPG companies
  • Tips for creating an effective response plan to achieve maximum digital and e-commerce investments

Success in the digital market takes much more than revamping your website or creating a Pinterest board. In order to keep up in the ever-changing digital age, CPG retailers and manufacturers need to become early adapters and innovators. Countless industries have already been disrupted, including media, travel and retail. It is proven time and time again that companies and industries that are slow to adapt will not get a second chance.

Digital innovations are shifting both consumer demand and competitive dynamics in the CPG marketplace. Consumers discover and search for brands online early in their purchasing pathway, which means brands have the opportunity to impact consumers both in stores and online.

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