Update On The 2020 IRI U.S. Growth Summit

After careful consideration, IRI has made the difficult but important to decision to cancel the 2020 IRI Growth Summit originally scheduled for March 30 - April 1, 2020, in Orlando, Florida.

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March 30 – April 1, 2020

Best Practice Sessions





Automation and Decision-Making: The Next Frontier in CPG Is Here

Chad Krause, Director of Advanced Analytics and Data Science, Conagra Brands
Krishnakumar (KK) Davey, President, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Gul Ahuja, Senior Vice President, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Scott Neufeld, Executive Vice President, Technology, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

For the last few years, there’s been a lot of discussion across the industry on artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, and their potential impact on the future of work. While these technologies are expected to eventually influence several areas of society, marketing and sales are among the first and biggest areas to reap the benefits. During this session, hear what’s been happening in the marketplace and how brands are already successfully using these technologies to drive improved sales results. Then, hear a discussion between leading marketers on how they are setting up their organizations to not only prepare for this tech-forward future but are also tapping into the technologies available today to democratize access to data throughout their organizations, move faster and improve decisions.

How Social Intelligence Analytics Can Reframe Retailer Discussions

Gloria Shin, Senior Manager, Market Analytics and Shopper Insights, Nestlé Coffee Partners 
Carrie Shea, Managing Director, Growth Consulting, Strategic Analytics, IRI

Particularly in fast-growing categories like coffee, CPG manufacturers need ways to create compelling sales stories based on timely and innovative forward-thinking data and insights. This information can help identify opportunity trends, themes and white spaces, and it can be an integral part of planning and collaborating with retailer partners. During this session, Gloria Shin of Nestlé Coffee Partners will share how social intelligence analytics that leveraged machine learning and natural language processing helped the company create a compelling story for its retailers on why they should treat its category like other important perimeter categories.


Navigate the Complex Journey of Unified Marketing Measurement

Jim Nail, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Steve Tobias, Executive, Strategic Analytics, IRI

Although digital marketing measurement has evolved significantly during the past few years, attribution continues to be a big challenge for CPG and retail marketers. There has been a move in the industry to
combine methodologies across different forms of marketing measurement to ensure more consistent results, but the goal of unifying performance measures with highly granular multi-touch attribution tactics confirms the most obvious challenge: consumers still mainly go to the store to buy, making it difficult to tie that purchase to specific ads in any channel. This session will discuss all the ways in which marketers can begin to close the gaps between online and offline data to more accurately measure performance. It will include a cross-industry perspective, as well as the unique challenges of marketing unification for CPG and retail marketers.

Additional sessions for this track coming soon



Collaborate to Capitalize on the Value of Supply Chain Data

Craig Prockish, Vice President, Corporate Procurement Grocery, Albertsons
Rob McSweeney, Director, Corporate Procurement Grocery, Albertsons
Peggy Krebs, Senior Director, Customer Collaboration, Danone
Matt Matsko, Senior Manager, Customer Collaboration, Danone
Theresa Scheingraber, Principal, Retail Client Solutions, IRI

How do you maximize sales and manage your inventory drawdown for seasonal items? Without integrated supply chain data, a supplier can only guess at potential lost sales, and they can only react to low or high retail inventory levels after the issue has impacted results (e.g., through lost sales, reclamation, etc.). During this session, representatives from Danone will highlight how they mined key data assets to help identify potential distribution voids and then created a repeatable process with their broker to fill the voids using their handhelds. Leaders from Danone and Albertsons will also demonstrate how they created a process to dramatically drive sales and minimize inventory in a seasonal environment. The session will show how both Albertsons and Danone won the season and provided benefits beyond the key items.

Reduce Unsellables and Grow Profits

Chris Adams, Vice President, Category Management, Ahold Delhaize
Beth Upchurch, Unsellables Manager, Ahold Delhaize
Angela Gaylord-Miles, Lead Analyst, Ahold Delhaize
Jim Monaco, ADUSA Team Lead, Nestlé USA
Chad Bombardier, ADUSA Manager, Nestlé USA
Howard Sherr, Principal, IRI

With thousands of different products in each grocery store, retailers in the U.S. are often dealing with outdated, damaged and out-of-season items. These unsellable items can often cost retailers and their suppliers millions of dollars in annual expenses. During this session, leaders from Ahold Delhaize and Nestlé USA will share how they partnered using data, technology and people to reduce the reclaim rate and improve the shopper experience while also growing profits. The session will include a discussion on key drivers of reclaim at the store, and which ones are most able to be fixed, as well as how leveraging supply chain data allowed Nestlé USA to actively manage and reduce liability on its items.


Unlock Shopper Card Data to Optimize and Drive Promotional Effectiveness

Patti Marshman-Goldblatt, Senior Vice President, Commercial, Walgreens
Tom Cox, Principal, Retail Client Solutions at Walgreens, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Promotional effectiveness is a critical factor for both manufacturer and retailer success. But in order to maximize trade spend — typically one of the most expensive areas of promotion — one must be able to evaluate and understand the long-term value of different promotional vehicles and then optimize them by only targeting the customers that resonate with specific offers. During this session, learn how frequent shopper data can help you understand which promotional messages are optimal for the strategy needed, which are driving trial, new and repeat customers, as well as long-term customer loyalty, and how to drive win-win outcomes with manufacturer and retailer partners.


Widening the Market Lens: Helping Kroger Understand Performance in an Expanded View of the Market

Holly Adrien, E-Commerce Business Manager, The Kroger Company
Ashley Fullarton, Director Data Strategy, 84.51°
John Holtzapfel, Executive — Kroger Team, IRI
Clay Dodson, Senior Vice President, Product Management, IRI

As brick-and-mortar retailers face increased competition, nontraditional channels outside of MULO create blind spots that limit retailers’ ability to win the market share battle. Retailers that are best positioned to win in this increasingly complex and competitive market must understand their performance relative to E-Commerce, Convenience, Club and Restaurant categories. In 2018, Kroger challenged IRI and 84.51° to develop an expanded definition of the market that would allow them to understand their performance through a new market lens. Join representatives from Kroger, 84.51° and IRI to learn how we leveraged big data integration, technology, data science and analytics to develop an innovative market measurement solution for Kroger: Enhanced Market Measurement. During this session, you will learn what Enhanced Market Measurement is, why it was built, how Kroger is using it, how it will continue to evolve and what this means for Kroger’s manufacturer partners.


Blending Data Assets to Win the Holidays

Valerie Wilson, Principal and Team Lead, Retail, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Today’s time-starved shopper really feels the crunch during the holidays. With so many conflicting priorities, changing consumer behaviors, regional preferences and mixed media alerts, how does a retailer grow its share of wallet during the key holiday periods? During this session, attendees will learn the key shopper trends influencing retailer product offerings, how retailers decide what to promote and co-promote, where to sell, the marketing vehicles deployed to capture share of wallet and how supply chain data helps retailers maximize in-stocks for key holiday items.  

Winning With a Collaborative DNA: Engineering a Category-Centric Approach to Mutual Growth

Tim Mitchell, Team Leader Data and Analytics — Kroger Team, Nestlé
Samantha Gagnon, Category Team Manager — Kroger Team, The Clorox Company
Jill Kemme, Senior Customer Category Manager — Kroger Team, Tyson Foods
Keri Watson, Retailer and Manufacturer Collaboration Consultant — Kroger, IRI
Georgette Guzman, Merchandising Client Lead, 84.51°
Eric Mayerchak, Category Manager, The Kroger Company
Scott Fulton, Retailer and Manufacturer Collaboration Lead — Kroger, IRI

As retailers and manufacturers face increasing competitive pressures, collaboration is essential for mutual growth. Despite this need, traditional efforts typically fall short because partnerships are complex, making effective collaboration challenging. However, not all efforts fail, and manufacturers with a collaborative DNA drive category growth and outperform the competition. During this panel discussion, you will learn how Kroger, 84.51° and manufacturers engineered category-centric collaboration to unlock both category and manufacturer growth. 



Automated Consumer Decision Trees: Drive Improved Product Portfolios and Retailer Assortment Recommendations

Phil DeConto, Vice President, Category Management & Shopper Insights, Ferrero
Brian Johnson, Category Manager, Spreads, Ferrero
Ryan Wetenhall, Category Analyst, Spreads, Ferrero
Andrew Carnazzo, Principal, Product Innovation, IRI

Ferrero, manufacturer of Nutella, sought to refine its perspective of a dynamic category to both drive internal business intelligence and category growth opportunities around shelf placement and retailer basket-building. Find out how the company used an automated consumer decision tree with artificial intelligence modeling that analyzes loyalty across attributes to maximize the reach and efficiency of its product portfolio and help make compelling assortment and shelving recommendations to retailers.


Growing Insights Into the Cannabis Market and Consumer

Jessica Lukas, Senior Vice President, BDS Analytics
Carl Edstrom, Principal, Market and Shopper Intelligence, IRI

The cannabis landscape continues to rapidly change in the U.S. As more states legalize recreational use, hemp-based CBD products are now being sold at retailers throughout the country, and more than 80% of Americans favor legalization of medical or recreational marijuana. With legal and social barriers falling, risks and opportunities are being uncovered in a wide range of product categories, from alcohol to OTC, personal care, snacks and even pet products. Learn how specific categories are being impacted by the explosive growth of legal cannabis and how this is disrupting specific consumer industries.

Maximize Innovation Potential With Optimal Product Assortment

Chad Staniec, Senior Director of Retail Strategy, High Liner Foods
Staci Covkin, Principal, Innovation, Market and Shopper Intelligence, IRI

Many CPG manufacturers and retailers are losing business because they do not have the right mix of products in front of their target consumers. Marketers often have a blind spot in knowing which items are truly core and incremental for their franchise, and assortment decisions are made based on items with the highest sales rates or highest penetration levels (which keep on attracting the same consumer), versus having products that provide unique differentiation and attract a different consumer. During this session, a representative from High Liner Foods will share how the company identified the product mix that would attract the largest number of consumers with the fewest number of items, and how it demonstrated to its retailer partners which assortment would maximize retailer sales.

The Impact of Sustainability on Consumer Behavior

Randi Kronthal-Sacco, Senior Scholar, Stern School of Business, New York University
Larry Levin, Executive Vice President, Market and Shopper Intelligence, IRI

CPG manufacturers are continually seeking new pockets of growth, and sustainability is one of the top areas they can leverage to satisfy today’s consumer demand for quality and sustainable products. As IRI and NYU previously forecasted, this segment is expected to realize 23% growth versus the low single digit growth most CPG categories experience. This session will provide guidance on how to leverage the right brand equities to meet key consumer needs and be a leader in sustainably developed and marketed products — before it’s too late to catch up.


Understand How Shoppers "Really" Define Competitive Sets

Abby Finnis, Senior Director, Beverage Portfolio, PepsiCo
Tom Juetten, Executive, Innovation, IRI
Rima Nair, Principal, Innovation, IRI

Shoppers no longer rely on typical category definitions or form-based brands to navigate and make purchase decisions — instead, they are creating their own definition of product categories. In this rapidly changing environment where consumers are now in charge and 90 of the top 100 CPG brands have lost share in the last three years, marketers need an easier way to find innovation and top line growth opportunities. Hear what PepsiCo did to find out how shoppers really define competitive sets, and know which attributes are cultural and supersede category-specific attributes to improve the odds of new product success, as well as marketing and sales efforts.

Additional sessions for this track coming soon



Avoiding Fragmented Assortment and Out of Stocks in Dairy

Rebecca Lupfer, Vice President, Center Store, GIANT Food Stores
John Crawford, Vice President, Client Insights, Dairy, IRI
Tamela (TJ) Vesek, Consultant, Client Solutions ADUSA, IRI
Brigid Siebert, Client Engagement Lead, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

As dairy sales have struggled, retailers and manufacturers have been chasing pockets of growth at an accelerated rate over the past few years. This has led to significant assortment shifts in key dairy categories, including retailers over-shelving plant-based versions of these foods. As a result, core and fast-moving items are seeing higher out of stocks. During this session, retailers and manufacturers will learn how they can quantify the costs of out of stocks and how to improve and optimize their assortment to maximize sales.

Commerce Everywhere: The Evolving Trends of E-Commerce

Brendan Witcher, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Digital Business Strategy, Forrester
John Nathenson, Senior Vice President, Sales, Edison
Sam Gagliardi, Executive Vice President, E-Commerce, IRI

Shoppers are continuing to migrate their purchases to e-commerce, and revenue and volume continue to leak from physical stores. As click and collect and delivery services become much more prevalent and easier to use, brands need to do whatever they can to stay relevant to shoppers and be found online. During this session, you’ll learn the latest on what’s happening in e-commerce and delivery and how your brand can benefit.

Growth Leaders in CPG: Who’s Winning and Why?

Krishnakumar (KK) Davey, President, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Cara Loeys, Principal, Growth Consulting, Strategic Analytics, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Every year, IRI and the Boston Consulting Group assess and rank more than 400 U.S. CPG companies on their growth. This session will reveal the companies that achieved leading growth in 2019 and the specific consumer trends they leveraged to drive success. Attendees will gain practical insights from a panel of winners on how to power their businesses and appeal to consumers in today’s continually evolving marketplace.

How to Identify “Hot” and “Not-So-Hot” CPG Brands

Carrie Shea, Managing Director, Growth Consulting, IRI
Mary Cooper, Senior Principal, Growth Consulting, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Large CPG manufacturers and private equity firms have been buying companies at a rapid pace, as it is often easier to buy than to innovate from scratch. Unfortunately, companies often end up in bidding wars as they are all vying for the same assets up for sale. Find out how companies can get ahead of the curve and pinpoint attractive potential targets even before they are officially put on the market.

New Product Pacesetters: Successful Innovation in CPG

Joan Driggs, Vice President, Thought Leadership, IRI
Larry Levin, Executive Vice President, Market and Shopper Intelligence, IRI

Now in its 24th year, IRI’s New Product Pacesetters research provides new insights into the top new product launches and the marketing stories behind them. The research covers food and non-food throughout traditional multi-outlet and convenience store sectors and highlights the trends marketers are leveraging to resonate with consumers. Join us for a reveal of the highest achievers and a behind-the-scenes look at what they are doing differently when it comes to new product innovation.

Successfully Navigate the Challenges of Clean Labeling 

Ryan Ellis, Vice President, Marketing, Idahoan Foods
Rastislav Ivanic, CEO and Founder, GroupSolver
Ray Florio, Partner, Growth Consulting, IRI

As consumers continue to expect brand transparency when it comes to CPG products, clean ingredient lists are becoming an expectation rather than an exception. Of course, clean labeling is a potentially large investment for established brands, and it may not always drive a positive financial return. In fact, if not done correctly, clean labels can end up eroding brand equity among existing loyal shoppers. Join this session to hear how Idahoan Foods followed key guiding principles to increase its chances for success and how it learned what would drive the strongest financial gains from its existing and new shoppers.


The New Ways Shoppers Are Solving the Meal 

Anne-Marie Roerink, Principal and Founder, 210 Analytics
Chris DuBois, Senior Vice President, Protein, IRI
Jonna Parker, Principal, Fresh Center of Excellence, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

In both fresh foods and CPG, traditional grocery, mass and club retailers are fighting for an increasingly fragmented share of wallet. The average transaction size is shrinking as shoppers opt for smaller basket sizes, and there is an increasingly wider gap in the share of food dollars spent in a food retail store versus for food service. With the rise of Uber Eats, Door Dash, meal subscriptions and specific diets like keto, how we solve the meal has changed. Attend this session to learn how the latest trends and changes in meal-making shopping trips are impacting the entire store, how some leading companies are successfully handling the changes, and how to create solutions for your shoppers in store and online to protect share and grow sales.




Balancing Brand Growth and Consumer Privacy in the Era of CCPA

Michael Zacharski, CEO of EMX (an Engine Group Company)
Manuj Lal, Director, Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC
Phil Ripperger, Principal, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
Ryan Casey, Senior Vice President, Chief Privacy Officer and Deputy General Counsel, IRI  

In a data-driven world, marketers have unparalleled access to information about consumers, and the ability to find and communicate with them in highly personalized ways. However, regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union and the California Consumer Privacy Act in the U.S. are designed to provide consumers with more stringent protections of their personal data. With these current regulations and the very real possibility of future U.S.-wide ones, marketers have significant opportunities available to them by rethinking the ways that they plan, target and validate their marketing and media investments. This session will share how to reach your brand objectives while remaining compliant with current and future privacy regulations. 

Existing Traditional Marketing Channels Emerge as Data Driven

Lucy Markowitz, Vice President and Head of National Sales, Vistar Media
Alex Colao, Executive Vice President, Sales, MFour
Ryan Detert, CEO, Influential
Jon (JP) Beauchamp, Senior Vice President, Media Center of Excellence, IRI

As individuals move throughout their daily routines, the number of channels available to marketers quickly declines — making it difficult for brands to deliver a consistent presence. However, digital out of home and influencer advertising provide powerful ways to reach individuals when other media channels aren’t available. Both can be data driven (audiences), and their outcomes can be quantified (measurement). And both types of marketing mediums are continuing to be more sophisticated and evidence-based, driving better performance and opening opportunities to serve more ads to audiences with improved returns. Learn how CPG companies can best measure the impact of DOOH and influencer advertising to improve future campaigns and understand the return on ad spend of these investments.


Feed In-Flight Optimization With Sales Metrics for Increased Lift

Margo Werner, Product Manager – Measurement, Google
Shreya Gulati, Director, Data Partnerships, The Trade Desk
Amy Nodalo, Director of Analytics, Viant Technology Inc.
Jon (JP) Beauchamp, Senior Vice President, Media Center of Excellence, IRI

One important and often overlooked capability in the CPG and retailer marketer’s arsenal today is in-flight optimization: the ability to adjust campaign elements while the campaign is in the field. When marketers can understand which specific campaign elements are performing well and not so well, they can make necessary adjustments, maximizing their impact. Prior to IFO, a campaign would be underway for approximately 12 weeks before marketers could receive performance data. However, with ready-to-use conversion data and increased programmatic technology, marketers can now get campaign reads in as little as two weeks and weekly thereafter, allowing them to course-correct the campaign, preserving precious budget and even shoppers. Real-time examples will be presented during the session, showing how improvements can be made on the fly to improve campaign performance.


The Value of Integrating Multi-Touch Attribution Models for CPG Brands

Vijoy Gopalakrishnan, Principal, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Today's marketers face a significant challenge of measuring the impact of online impressions, offline activity and purchases. CPGs are often at a distinct disadvantage, given that an estimated 90% or more of purchases are made offline, and lower-priced CPG products make it harder to justify the investment required for measurement. However, through the convergence of advanced data, advertising technology and media, CPG marketers are able to tap into analytics to gain actionable campaign insights. This session will share an advertiser’s and a measurement partner’s firsthand experience on the challenges and opportunities of setting up an MTA solution, including the data strategy, the science, what MTA is and is not, and opportunities for further evolution in the industry.

Additional sessions for this track coming soon



Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value – From Surviving to Thriving

Fernando Salido, Executive Vice President, Shopper Analytics, IRI

Many businesses underutilize customer lifetime value (CLV) principles to improve customer acquisition, retention, frequency, loyalty and profitability. As they neither track nor manage CLV, these businesses tend to forego customers and cash flow streams that ultimately limit the long-term value of their enterprises. Fortunately, there are many ways to adopt CLV strategies into the business without complexity. During this session, hear specific ideas about how to incorporate underlying CLV principles into your organization that maximize customer lifetime value, business profitability and enterprise worth.

How Member Data Is Transforming Full Funnel Advertising at Sam’s Club

Abi Subramanian, Head of Media and Partnerships, Sam’s Club
Michael Ellgass, Executive Vice President, Retail Media, IRI
Additional speakers to be announced

Sam’s Club is a $58 billion omnichannel retailer that has begun using member data differently with its new Sam’s Member Connect Insights Suite. Attend this session to understand what’s going on behind the scenes at Sam’s Club and how increased access to member analytics, including buying and browsing behavior, is shaping better media targeting while in-campaign optimization is delivering superior return on ad spend. Learn how you can tap into Sam’s Club’s platform to track exposed customers over time to build lifetime value and drive growth like never before. 

Supply Chain: A Panel Discussion on Technology-Driven Transformation

Prakash Tilwani, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain and Media Solutions Development
Additional speakers to be announced

Supply chain is in the midst of a monumental transformation due to a number of recent disruptions around regulations, digital freight networks, consolidations, autonomous trucks and more. It’s also being repositioned within many companies as a profit lever rather than a cost center. Successful companies are using technology to drive costs out of the entire supply chain, but others are struggling to keep pace with the changes while balancing the scarcity of supply chain resources and the need to manage costs. This lively roundtable discussion will share the top supply chain trends and issues, and how artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing are driving positive impact and profits. 

The Future Impact of Macro Trends in Fresh Foods on Your Business

Sally Lyons-Wyatt, Executive Vice President, Center of Store and Produce, IRI
Jonna Parker, Principal, Fresh Center of Excellence, IRI

Since 2016, IRI has tracked the specific factors impacting fresh foods and total store performance via its ongoing Top Trends in Fresh research. However, these factors have evolved to become even more relevant in today’s fragmented food retail environment. Consumer expectations today are different — and will continue to change — and CPGs and retailers must provide the right consumers with the right products in a way that directly connects with their needs in order to unlock stronger growth. Learn how consumers, stores, supply chain and marketing strategies will evolve in the new decade, and how to evolve your own fresh strategies to increase sales and market share for the entire decade. 

Winning E-Commerce Strategies for Private Brands

Mark McKeown, Principal, Center of Store, IRI
Mary Ellen Lynch, Principal, Center of Store, IRI
Jonathan Isca, Consultant, E-Commerce, IRI

Retailers are increasingly leveraging private brands to differentiate and compete in a rapidly evolving omnichannel landscape. Understanding how their shoppers interact with the aisle on the ground and online with their private brands to devise a cohesive experience is critical. The journey to success is further complicated by a long tail of small/emerging brands capturing the shoppers’ attention and fueled by shoppers' increasing adoption of CPG e-commerce. This session will share the ways in which private brands can more effectively compete with their branded peers and agile small/emerging brands within e-commerce and the broader omnichannel.

Additional sessions for this track coming soon



Data Detective: Delivering Growth Through POS Data

Brian Ackerman, Consultant, Solutions Training and Adoption, IRI

POS data is essentially a “cost of entry” if you’re doing business in the CPG industry. While everyone has it, there are several ways to use it to your competitive advantage to help fuel growth. This crash course will focus on creating actionable insights using POS data as it relates to distribution, pricing and promotion. Now more than ever, with all the vast amounts of data available, fact-based decisions supported by accurate interpretation are critical to CPG and retail success, both day to day and long term.


Maximizing the Impact of Shopper Data

Becca Christeson, Consultant, Collaborative Gateway Solutions, IRI

This training session will focus on a series of IRI best-practice reports and workflows. These reports and workflows are embedded within the Retail Collaborative Gateways and designed to help you get the most out of a retailer’s shopper data by better understanding buyer movement. Together we will personalize, interpret and integrate these analyses and workflows to form a clear picture of how buyers are shifting within the retailer environment. We will spend time with key functionality, including 1) new, lost and retained — to understand whether the business is being driven by retained customers or relies on a heavy amount of churn; 2) new to/lost to — to understand whether customers are new/lost to the store/category/brand; and 3) switching — to understand changes in buying habits within a particular category. Please bring your laptop for a hands-on experience!

Putting It All Together: Identifying, Understanding and Activating Your Consumer

Jennifer Rose, Consultant, Solutions Training and Adoption, IRI
Deron Bisbikis, Consultant, Solutions Training and Adoption, IRI

Seamlessly move along the consumer and shopper continuum, integrating a market perspective with a consumer perspective, to understand consumer dynamics that are driving market performance. Using IRI's market and consumer assets, from POS to consumer panel to IRI ShopperSights, this session will show how you can identify market opportunities and develop stronger and more loyal customer relationships. 



Unify Coaching Corner

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