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US Online Grocery Snapshot: Q2 2021

The online grocery category increased tremendously during the pandemic. But one March 2021 Forrester Survey found that 83% of U.S. shoppers had made their most recent grocery purchase in person. What does the future hold for online grocery as shoppers return to “normal”?

This report showcases the biggest emerging online grocery trends as consumer mobility increases, yet grocery e-commerce continues strong growth as a result of shoppers becoming more comfortable with their newly acquired online shopping habits.

Forrester uses IRI data to highlight the fastest-growing grocery subcategories, the distribution of online grocery delivery formats, and the retailers that have gained the greatest share.

The research also uncovers trends that include:

  1. Higher online growth in food categories as shoppers stick with newly developed behaviors they discovered during the pandemic.
  2. Continued share gains by Amazon in online grocery.
  3. Click-and-collect growth for food items and losses for nonedible nonperishables.
  4. Continued attractive grocery shipping and pickup offers by various retailers.
  5. A return to a more traditional balance between grocery and restaurant sales.

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