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Now Tech: Trade Promotion Management, Q4 2021

Trade promotion management (TPM) is a technology that helps enterprises defend market share, attract new customers and boost the success rates of new product launches. This new Forrester report was designed to help CIOs understand the value they can expect from a TPM provider and select one that best meets their needs.

TPM solutions can help manufacturers create collaborative sell-through plans to help guarantee share of shelf with channel partners, integrate trade planning and execution to boost performance in developing markets, and improve new product introductions by synchronizing inventory availability with promotional activity and adding statistical rigor to sale uplift estimates by channel and location.

The Forrester report provides an overview of 22 TPM providers and segments these vendors into three market categories (large established players, midsize players and smaller players) based on TPM revenue. It also breaks the market into five functionality segments, including:

  • Analytic trade promotion solutions focusing on optimizing tactics.
  • Analytic and supply chain finance solutions that synchronize with integrated business planning (IBP) processes.
  • Supply chain and finance open-loop solutions that align inventory with uplift.
  • Supply chain and finance closed-loop solutions that streamline promotion claims.
  • Planning and execution closed-loop solutions that streamline execution of "traditional trade" elements such as direct store delivery and traditional trade outlet channels.

IRI is listed in the report as a large established TPM player with primary functionality in the supply chain and closed-loop solution segment that serves food and beverage, personal care and other CPG vertical markets.

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