Increase sales up to 150 percent for CPG brands and categories online.

Companies and brands that are winning online know that e-commerce is more than just another sales channel – it’s a powerful marketing tool. As consumers increasingly expect improved shopping experiences, brands and retailers need a solid foundation to ensure e-commerce focuses on the shopper in order to drive high-impact growth. IRI’s e-commerce solutions identify how shoppers are behaving online, provide a 360-degree view of the e-commerce universe and its retailers, and help companies know exactly where to invest to drive growth online.

Consumer and Shopper TrackGain a more holistic view of the e-commerce path to purchase.

Online sales and share information, deep consumer and shopper insights, and IRI’s proprietary e-commerce category attribute model provide marketers with a holistic view of the digital marketplace and the shopper journey.

Consumer and Shopper TrackUnderstand the key factors impacting conversion and lost opportunities online.

Know how consumers are arriving at conversion websites, the leading conversion websites by category, the missed opportunities you can improve, a comparison of online and in-store sales, and gain insights into shopper and purchase dynamics of key shopper segments.

Consumer and Shopper TrackView integrated online and in-store data, all in one place.

Track and assess a brand’s online and in-store performance, as well as omnichannel cause-and-effect analytics via Clavis Insight’s digital shelf analytics, all integrated on IRI Liquid Data® and delivered via the IRI Private Cloud solution.

How We're Different:

We bring together offline and online data from various sources, including retailer-supplied digital point-of-sale data (some exclusive to IRI) and digital shelf data, and integrate it to provide the insights you need to better understand how to improve your e-commerce business. Our comprehensive suite of solutions and Build-Drive-Earn framework provide a full view of the online and offline CPG marketplace to help traditional brick-and-mortar manufacturers and retailers ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Partner Ecosystem

Consumer and Shopper Track

Consumer and Shopper Track

Consumer and Shopper Track

Consumer and Shopper Track



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