Know your consumers like never before.

What are they buying? Where do they shop? When are they consuming products? Our insights solutions tell you this and more, including consumers’ on-the-go and in-the-moment needs.

Consumer and Shopper TrackEmbed relevant and immediate consumer and shopper insights into all of your key business decisions.

Our solutions synthesize hundreds of product, household and trip attributes, and distill them down to the most meaningful views. Whether looking at how low-income shoppers buy snacks on pantry-stocking trips or evaluating seasonal and geographic differences for an allergy remedy, you get direct and immediate insights.

Consumer and Shopper TrackMillions of consumers and billions of transactions at your fingertips.

Loyalty card member transaction data help overcome sample size constraints and allow marketers to understand consumer behavior faster and at a more granular level.

Consumer and Shopper TrackUnderstand consumers’ in-the-moment shopping, consumption and usage behaviors.

Through a mobile app, you can profile shoppers and their purchase, consumption, usage occasions and locations, and increase coverage across hard-to-reach channels and demographics. This means that they have to rely less on memory, and that their point-of-purchase and in-the-moment behavior gets accurately captured, providing rich context for their purchase decisions.

How We’re Different

IRI nearly eliminates sample-size constraints, which is particularly helpful when launching niche or regional brands, and companies can also analyze consumer behavior as soon as products hit the shelf. Also, only IRI tracks real-time out-of-home consumption, usage, purchase occasions and attitudes linked to other consumer information. It includes how, when, where and with whom the product was used or consumed. Our unacculturated Hispanic panel provides even deeper insights into the attitudes and buying behavior of Hispanics.


Partner Ecosystem

Consumer and Shopper Track

Oracle’s loyalty shopper database includes billions of transactions to fuel granular consumer and shopper insights.

Consumer and Shopper Track

Experian’s ConsumerView database includes Mosaic lifestyle clusters that can be integrated for additional insights.

Consumer and Shopper Track

SPINS provides insights into the natural/organic market, opening the door for deeper insights into this growing product segment.



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What Our Clients Say

“IRI brings a higher-level, 360-degree analytical view of consumers to help us understand who they are and what is important to them.”


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