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IRI Retail Private Cloud

Outgrow the competition with more trips and sales, and reduce out-of-stocks.

With IRI Retail Private Cloud (IRI RPC), retailers and their manufacturers have access to a central source of information based on the retailer’s own definitions of hierarchies, geographic regions and time periods, in order to work together more efficiently and effectively. The proof is in the results: Sales, product trip growth and average spend per trip are higher for retailers with IRI RPC.

Unique Data Assets Drive Actionable Insights.

Each included data asset – such as point-of-sale, loyalty and supply chain – provides a differential and unique level of insight. IRI RPC can integrate virtually any data source such as, econometric indices, petrol prices and weather data, to offer a complete view of the shopper interactions. This includes identifying high-opportunity households and pockets of growth at the store level. Current retailers using IRI RPC are Boots, Marks & Spencer, Conad, Eroski, Kroger, Ahold Delhaize and many more.

Tap into differential collaboration and engagement opportunities.

The collaboration component within IRI RPC provides standardised workflows and common views of sales, loyalty and supply chain metrics. Working from one version of the truth in the same format enables more efficient communications between all parties and promotes a deeper and faster understanding of shoppers, which drives better decisions and improves results.

Easily access a world-class, integrated platform that drives speed to insights.

RPC is powered by IRI Liquid Data® which seamlessly integrates all the data assets into a single source of access, supported by mature workflow decision processes that are designed to deliver better insights and joint business planning practices focused on innovation and growth.

How We’re Different


Have more productive business discussions with manufacturers that result in more mutually beneficial decisions and outcomes. Get daily and weekly updates to optimise in-stock levels and prevent lost sales, and derive actionable insights from point-of-sale and inventory data by store and by day in order to track the performance of your brands.

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IRI Retail Private Cloud (IRI RPC)

Most retailers hold all the data and information they need to succeed but are often unaware of it or don’t know how to use it to their benefit, to better understand their performance, the market and their shopper. IRI RPC is the only data, analytics and technology solution that provides the answer by consolidating all the information available and transforming it into actionable recommendations.



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