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Activation and Optimisation

Incite customer action

Activating your campaigns with content and offers that are relevant to each customer is key to any successful promotion and is the heart of developing strong customer loyalty. IRI’s Customer Relationship Management tools enable you to create and activate stunning personalised content and to measure the impact store by store, day by day.

With our CRM solution, create and activate personalised dynamic content with an easy to use drag and drop composer.

Want to quickly create high impact email content that is tailored for each of your target groups?
The intuitive content composer makes it easy to import artwork and rapidly create attractive communications that work on all devices without being relegated to the Spam folder.

Measure and optimise campaigns while they are running.

IRI’s CRM solution directly integrates with store sales so that you can accurately monitor uplift and spend for every campaign in near real time. Powerful tools capture data about which communication channels each shopper is responsive to so that every future campaign is even more focused.

How We’re Different


Our solution gives you control over the full campaign lifecycle. You can create target groups based on each shopper’s personal shopping history right up to their most recent store visit. Powerful tools give you the means to rapidly create and activate impactful content tailored for each shopper. From day one of the campaign, use the intuitive reporting tools to measure how it is performing and where improvements could be made.

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95% of CPG, retail, and health and beauty companies in the Fortune 100 work with us.


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