Real-time prescriptive and predictive analytics to drive brand and store growth.

Strategy and activation expertise leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve pricing and promotion decisions and retail execution.

How can I quickly know and fix price gaps at specific retailers?

How do I know which assortment strategy to use for which retailer?

How can I optimize my promotions to improve sales results?

How can I forecast key drivers of growth for my business?

Uncover new opportunities within all the data to drive your business to new heights. Whether you want to optimise your pricing, promotion or assortment, or be more productive with a particular retailer, we help you analyse and determine the best path.

Pricing never stands still. We help you move at the speed of the market.

  • Optimise your product pricing to succeed in an ever-changing shopper and omnichannel environment.
  • Companies spend huge amounts of money on their trade strategies. We can tell you where to focus your efforts and how to make them pay off.
  • Use predictive analysis to plan trade events in order to maximise product, account and customer sensitivities to achieve trade goals.

Expand sales for your brand and category by having the right product in the right place at the right time.

  • With competition up and shelf availability down, manufacturers must understand which products need to be on shelf.
  • Offer the right product at the right place at the right time.
  • Improve your capability to tailor assortment to drive growth with your top customers.

Big data analytics for supply chain management drive efficiencies for manufacturers and retailers.

  • Limit the instances of your products not being on the shelf when the customer is looking for them.
  • Localise demand planning with analytics that uncover specific customer and store needs.
  • Drive high-impact activation with store-level scorecards.

Don’t miss what matters at store level: We help you invest in the best options.

  • Companies spend large amounts of money enhancing their brand’s price and shelf positioning and promotional activity. With in-depth knowledge, issues can be pinpointed easily, allowing the effective targeting and resolution of problems associated with distribution, price, promotion, location, media and sales performance, potentially enabling savings or avoiding losses.
  • Use predictive analysis to assess your new product’s, or variant’s, performance and detect how and if goals can be achieved.

Precise planning of tomorrow’s profits, today!

  • Because every one point of sales gained through forecasting accuracy can lead to millions in profits, IRI strategic forecasting provides an accurate understanding of the impact of key external factors and company activities for long-term lead planning.
  • Being able to react to specific stimuli, such as detecting disease outbreak areas in advance, or any economic or seasonal condition, is key to achieving a competitive edge. IRI’s Tactical Forecasting also forecasts short-term sales for better in-store adjustments, and media levers, enhancing sales in real time for immediate growth.

See it in Action


IRI Assortment Optimization

Leverage expert insights, rigorous modeling and simple-to-use web-based simulation software to maximize your brand portfolio and category sales, and support effective innovation launches.


IRI Assortment for Retailers

Improve your category performance through product attractiveness. This unique solution assesses the true value of each SKU, enabling retailers to identify opportunities immediately and plan quickly and accurately to ensure the optimum assortment for each category.


IRI Assortment for Manufacturers

Grow your revenue and pinpoint your exact onshelf portfolio through product attractiveness. This unique solution assesses the true value of each SKU, enabling manufacturers to identify opportunities immediately and plan quickly and accurately for the right portfolio lineup in each store.


IRI Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE)

Take a look inside IRI’s Analytics Centre of Excellence (ACE), the largest in-house consumer goods analytics center in the world. ACE is an ecosystem that hosts Analytics, Innovation and Technology expertise under one roof powered by the passion of over 200 seasoned professionals from a wide array of fields.

How We’re Different


We have a unique and unmatched combination of predictive and prescriptive analytical techniques, proprietary rapid modelling platforms, leading-edge automated solutions, a vast and granular FMCG data set and experienced analytics consulting talent.



Our data align across manufacturer and retailer views. This ensures one version of the truth, and allows for true collaboration and win-win outcomes.



Our powerhouse platforms and prescriptive analytics solutions are already being driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning so that we can help clients quickly anticipate competitive moves and uncover new opportunities.


Based in Athens (Greece), IRI’s Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) is the largest in-house consumer goods analytics centre in the world and ISO 9001:2015 certified. ACE hosts Analytics, Technology and Innovation expertise under one roof bringing together more than 200 seasoned data scientists and consultants who crunch over 20 Trillion data records annually, helping hundreds of clients globally stay ahead of the competition.

What Our Clients Say

“Your team’s work and consultation on our business have been stellar to date. You are proactive, consultative and our true business partners. In all my time in Insights and Analytics (at my company), you are the best team we have worked with!”

North American Market Research Lead, Global Home Products Company

How can we help you supercharge growth and profitability?


95% of CPG, retail, and health and beauty companies in the Fortune 100 work with us.


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