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A major manufacturer of specialty tea experienced a 13 percent dollar sales decline in the latest 12 weeks, during a time in which competitive dollar sales were up 10 to 25 percent.


IRI Social Advantage™ delivered urgent, tactical insights about consumer conversions, preferences and sentiment. This enabled the manufacturer to shift its strategy, winning back core consumers and halting the sales decline. The following year, brand sales grew 10 percent during same period vs. prior year.


The new package design that the client had launched to improve sales was not working, but the client did not have clear insight into what the core issue was.

Using IRI Social Advantage, IRI’s Media team surfaced targeted conversations surrounding the brand’s package launch using custom indicators such as “Awesomeness” to reveal specific details about consumers’ preferences. The analysis was able to hone in on how millennials speak about specific product attributes. 

The client team found the dialogue about package design of pivotal interest. The dialogue was overlaid with sentiment analysis and cross-referenced with sales and in-store activity to understand what was impacting sales productivity. IRI evaluated the brand and its competitors across these variables and multiple data sets (including point-of-sale, panel and social data feeds) to bring light to the core issues. 

The analysis uncovered that the recent packaging redesign was the main reason for sales declines. Brand sentiment had skewed negatively.



The packaging was viewed as bland and unoriginal, and the design caused the product to become harder to find on shelves.


Brand affinity, share of “Awesomeness” and retail sales declined while competitors experienced increases.



As a result of IRI’s analysis, the client reverted back to the original packaging, which led to a halt in declines and increased positive sentiment and sales growth – up 10 percent versus the same period the prior year.

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