Shopper Collaboration

Using IRI’s retailer collaboration platform, a mid-sized regional bakery was able to secure a massive increase in distribution to all of the retailer’s stores.


A small regional bakery launched a product with limited distribution in a major mass retailer. The product performed well but the manufacturer wanted to grow performance and gain larger distribution.

The client’s limited distribution made its performance difficult to measure in comparison to larger national brands. The client needed a way to show its strong performance in the retailer’s environment and make a data-driven case for why its distribution should be expanded.


Using IRI’s retailer collaboration tools, the IRI Shopper Analytics team was able to:

  • Determine the growth of the client’s product, both at the retailer and in the rest of the market, and evaluate the impacts of the rest of market on conversion and leakage at the retailer;
  • Determine how the retailer’s most valuable shoppers responded to the product, both at the retailer and in the rest of the market;
  • Understand who the product’s shoppers were to evaluate possible markets and stores for distribution expansion.

With the power of IRI Customer Advantage View, IRI was able to work with the client put together a brand story that evaluated the category and identified where shoppers were going for the product when not able to find it at the retailer.


Based on the strong business case backed by the client’s insights from IRI, the retailer buyer agreed to expand distribution of its stores.

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