Retail Assortment

A leading retailer wanted to optimize its dairy shelf in the face of several challenging market conditions.


With IRI Retail Assortment, a leading retailer increased sales over $10 million in the dairy category by optimizing its assortment and maximizing the productivity of its shelf space.


The dairy category has unique requirements tied to shopper user occasion and SKU proliferation which has driven category complexity. The retailer had no clear principles on resetting its over-SKU’d shelf to maximize sales. It also did not have a framework for ongoing simulations and optimizations to keep up with market changes.

Using predictive analytics, IRI identified clear customer need states, and recommended shelf sets and an assortment of brands and space to shelf.

Store clustering and target consumer segments were used to fuel manufacturer/retailer engagements and focus marketing efforts.

Incrementality and demand transfer of branded and private label were used to balance growth for both parties.


By optimizing assortment of the dairy category and maximizing its shelf space productivity, the retailer increased it sales by $10 million. It was also able improve engagement and trips through targeted marketing to consumer segments.

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