Marketing Effectiveness

A pet care manufacturer wanted to optimise its marketing spend by better understanding which brands and media channels to prioritise 


IRI applied its marketing mix solution achieving £6.6million in savings through a new promo strategy


Lack of impact and return on investment in manufacturer’s promotional and media campaigns due to a poor understanding of where to focus marketing activities .

IRI Marketing Mix models were used to measure marketing effectiveness of the manufacturer’s media channels and high concentration of media activity of the pet care category’s key brands across six different retailers to better understand promotional performance.
Key elements of the modelling included:
  • Actionable insights to enable the manufacturer to understand which marketing levers would drive sales
  • Fast and accurate data delivery
  • Powered by IRI Liquid Data technology for personalised and in depth data drawn from a range of platforms
  • Best-in-class analytics from the only ISO-certified centre in the world, the IRI Analytics Centre of Excellence
The manufacturer now has a clear understanding of where best to invest its marketing spend to increase ROI and deliver growth.


By channelling its £13.2million marketing spend behind brands and packs that delivered the biggest overall impact based on IRI’s insights, the pet care manufacturer was able to:

  • Save £6.6million on its trade spending through a new promo strategy
  • Re-plan its promotional activities by product and by customer
  • Achieve impactful media campaigns
  • Reallocate its savings into more vital activities.

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