Concept Evaluator

Informed Decision on New Packaging Concept Leads to 77% Increase in Dollar Sales


A protein manufacturer had developed several concepts for new packaging for its entire line of products. It wanted to determine which concept would appeal best to a new demographic that it was targeting – older millennials and younger Gen Xers –while not hindering sales from current brand buyers.

The client needed the results quickly, within a week, and at a low cost and with a regionally-based sample of category buyers.


IRI’s survey and segmentation team fielded a concept evaluator study which assessed whether the five package concepts would inspire purchase, how each concept’s design stood out on the shelf, as well as the believability and uniqueness of each design. Concept evaluator proved was the only solution that could test this many packages quickly and cost-effectively while also delivering fact-based quantitative and qualitative results necessary for the client’s retail partners.

One package concept, which had the heaviest focus on the products’ position as locally made and from a family-owned business, outperformed the other new concepts and the current packaging. This packaging scored well for all key metrics including uniqueness and likelihood of success. Survey respondents noted that the packaging inspired a feeling of national pride, and it performed well among current buyers as well as the new younger targets.


The new packaging was a great success. It received extremely positive retailer feedback and increased distribution, as well as a 77% increase in sales versus a year ago, which was triple the expected contribution margin.

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