Brand Performance Insights

A coffee manufacturer was able to avoid delistment of its products at a key retailer in four important markets.


A mid-sized premium coffee manufacturer was experiencing low sales at a major mass retailer. As a result, it was facing delistment in four of the retailer’s key markets.

The client needed to understand why its sales were declining, as well as determine whether an entire brand deletion was unavoidable or if it could retain some key products on the shelf. Furthermore, the client needed to determine if only certain stores within the four markets would be impacted or if it would be the entire market area.


With IRI’s shopper insights and collaboration tools, the client was able to:

  • Validate its brand performance and build a story highlighting its brand’s importance in category sales
  • Identify items that needed to remain in the product assortment on shelf
  • Determine which stores should retain distribution due to stronger product sales

The manufacturer recommended that the retailer retain distribution on core-sized coffee items and only consider delisting large-size items. In addition, the client was able to show that its brand was displaying strong sales performance in over half of the stores in the four markets.


By using the insights gained from IRI’s retailer collaboration tools, the client was able to demonstrate its brand’s crucial contributions to the category and retain distribution of its core items across all of the retailer’s markets.

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