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Know your customers like never before.

Are products bought for a specific mission or as part of a daily routine?
What does this mean for my marketing strategy?
What are they buying? Where do they shop? Our insights solutions tell you this and more.

IRI Basket Segmentations

IRI Analytics addresses client needs by providing in-depth analysis and insights into shopper baskets and the underlying shopper needs i.e. the trip mission.
Understanding the drivers behind the baskets means identifying which products and categories interact with and drive each other, which is what leads to informed decisions on pricing, store layout and trade levers.

IRI Store Segmentations

IRI Analytics also segments stores based on shopper behaviour, thus providing the grounds for more efficient and differentiated marketing actions across territories. Segmenting the stores on the basis of their true behaviour gives a better, broad-based understanding of reality that is often not visible in other forms of sales analyses. What works in one store does not necessarily work in another. Decide on the best way forward by store benchmarking in order to assess whether there is a realistic opportunity to change a store's behaviour.

IRI Customer Segmentations

Loyalty card member transaction data allow marketers to understand customer behaviour faster and at a more granular level.
Behavioural segmentation divides customers based on what they buy and why, user status (regular users, first time users, etc.), usage rate (light, medium, heavy users) and loyalty status.
Segmenting the customers into distinct groups with distinct needs, characteristics, and behaviour gives a better, broad-based understanding of reality that is often not visible in other forms of sales analyses and allow retailers to customise products and services for each customer segment, saving you time and money.

How We’re Different


IRI Segmentation solutions offer an exclusive combination of basket data from retailers and our unique FMCG knowledge and technical analytical expertise provide deeper and more granular insights than any other player in the industry.

What Our Clients Say

“IRI brings a higher-level, 360-degree analytical view of customers to help us understand who they are and what is important to them.”

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95% of CPG, retail, and health and beauty companies in the Fortune 100 work with us.


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