Deliver growth with the largest integrated customer data set, and leading-edge technology and visualisation.

Maximise the ROI of big data for insights, targetting, activation, measurement, optimisation and growth using IRI’s industry-leading data management and visualisation platform, IRI Liquid Data®.

Are my investments in technology generating the value I expected?

Is the complexity of an expanding ocean of big data, and the industry move toward more customerer personalisation, becoming a bigger challenge to my organisation?

Are useful insights trapped in separate systems in my company?

IRI’s data cloud, visualisation, applications and private cloud solutions manage all of your data assets for faster insights and action. The IRI Liquid Data platform is the industry’s most advanced, most utilised and most imitated end-to-end customer planning to activation solution. It comes with hundreds of integrated data sets for use in our public cloud solution and can be further enriched with your own data in a tailored private cloud environment. It connects data, uncovers relevant patterns and applies the smartest prescriptive analytics to determine the specific action steps you should take for growth.

Access dozens of otherwise disparate sources, and integrate them for better insights and better results.

  • In addition to point-of-sale and causal data, IRI is sourcing and integrating additional data from 3rd parties and partners in each market to gain a more complete view of customers. Proprietary client data, such as CRM, financial and shipment, can be integrated as well.
  • Weather, econometric, and health and wellness data modules provide a more comprehensive view of sales correlation, enabling growth through better insights and measurement.

Maximise the value of your solutions with easy global access to insights from any desktop or tablet device.

  • Across browsers and platforms, access disparate data types that are optimised for FMCGG and other data sources.
  • Better data access across roles and departments provides more proactive business management and growth performance.
  • Connect the right information to the right users when and where they need it.

This hybrid cloud solution provides IRI’s data, tools and visualisation integrated with your proprietary data – all behind your firewall.

  • Securely combine sensitive and proprietary information assets with syndicated, third-party and publicly available data assets.
  • A vertically integrated stack of technology, advanced analytics, content and intuitive user interface provides all the capabilities companies need to manage data in a single system.
  • Access all of our cloud applications quickly and within a unified visual experience.

Our integration cloud creates new value for your business with the connectivity of data, models and third-party applications all on one platform.

  • Test and validate new algorithms.
  • Quickly upload and integrate third-party data with IRI data on IRI Liquid Data to create new applications.
  • Easily edit, integrate and transform data sets to support new use cases.

See it in Action


Data + Prescriptive Analytics + Technology = Growth

See how we connect data, uncover relevant patterns and apply the smartest prescriptive analytics to determine the specific action steps you should take for real-time growth.


IRI Unify, the most advanced data visualisation platform

See how IRI Unify® can give you a more personalised and customised view of all your data.


IRI, the big data and technology expert

A revolution is underway, people are changing how they live, socialise, shop. IRI is leading the change.

How We’re Different


IRI Liquid Data’s proprietary in-memory architecture, patented analytics engine and easy-to-use visualisation, expanded connectivity yield unprecedented speed to insights and customisation flexibility.



IRI Liquid Data comes pre-integrated with the industry’s richest data sets across sales, customer behaviour, media, social, environmental, causal and dozens of other data sets. No more information siloes. No more cutting and pasting. No more multiple versions of the truth.



All of our applications are delivered via a single platform that enables you to leverage any of our solutions on demand. You also get the added benefits of a common user experience and integrated analytic workflows.

What Clients Say

“If you have not tried the IRI Liquid Data platform, I urge you to take it for a test drive. I have worked in technology for a long time. I have not seen anything scale like this. I have not seen anything like it.”

Stuart Aitken, Kroger Group Vice President and 84.51 CEO



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