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A leading manufacturer of frozen, refrigerated and shelf-stable food, found in 97 percent of America’s households, wanted to drive growth in their dinner-related brands by creating retailer-specific strategies to grow the dinner eating occasion.


Across engagements, IRI has helped deliver up to 10 percent gains in share growth for manufacturers and 3-4 percent for retailers via integrating occasion-based strategies and tactics.


Creating an eating occasion-based strategic platform that uncovers influences and drivers of meal planning and shopping required mining millions of data points (eating occasions, store-level purchases, product trips and attitudes) analyzed across multiple levels: overall, by store, by segment / target, and by household.

A team of IRI experts (including leaders within the strategy consulting practice, the Hendry market structure team, and client insights professionals with specific category leadership expertise) and the client took a highly differentiated approach that linked several analyses:
  • Analyzed 700,000 eating occasions to understand dinner preparations and composition
  • Evaluated 56 million products purchased
  • Analyzed 11 million product trips to understand trip types and drivers
  • Surveyed 2,800 shoppers to understand how dinners are planned and what influences dinner decisions
The analysis revealed the key drivers that influence dinner decisions, the relative importance of each, and how they translate to purchasing behavior.
IRI worked with the client to develop compelling strategies for retailers to drive growth across the dinner occasion. Recommendations included:

Leverage displays at retailers with multiple meal solutions on a set schedule.
Engage aisle management and organization that solves for specific needs.
Deploy in-store and out-of-store shopper marketing activities.


Consumer-centric dinner occasion strategies were estimated to deliver up to 4 percent share gain for Retailers and 10 percent share gain for manufacturers. Occasion-based solutions were also 50 percent more effective than traditional item promotions.

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