Custom E-Market Insights

A large CPG manufacturer used IRI to revamp its e-commerce analytics strategy and capture $50 million of sales growth online.


A major food and beverage manufacturer was struggling to get a complete view of the omnichannel landscape in order to efficiently analyze its e-commerce performance and set a path for further growth. Although some retailers provided e-POS data, it was time-consuming to match it with other e-commerce data, as well as brick and mortar data.


The IRI team leveraged a custom e-market insights solution for the manufacturer:

  • It included a multi-source panel with 9 million+ participants, and the solution was enhanced by client e-POS to project sales performance for total e-commerce and top e-retailers
  • It integrated e-POS data from the client and digital shelf causal measures from Clavis into the IRI Liquid Data® platform and was aligned to the client’s custom hierarchies.

The client was able to quickly analyze e-commerce data across retailers and perform item-level comparisons of e-commerce sales versus their in-store counterparts, with simple visualizations. With all of its data in one platform, the manufacturer could better understand the nuances of its e-commerce performance.  


The client was able to improve its e-commerce analytics efficiency, gained better visibility into its omnichannel performance, and developed a clearer, more data-driven e-commerce strategy. Though e-commerce is still a small percentage of overall sales for the client, IRI’s solution helped the manufacturer drive $50 million of growth online in 2017 and it is rapidly gaining share.

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