Collaboratating to optimise performance

A global food retailer aimed to leverage its investment in data and technology systems while also driving collaboration with manufacturers.
Within 12 months, more than 80% of suppliers were paying to access the data provided through IRI Holistic Retail Solution (HRS), generating revenue for the retailer and enhancing collaboration.



Low utilisation of vast volumes of data from the retailer’s stores and franchises resulting in a lack of meaningful and timely insights to engage manufacturers.

IRI HRS consolidated all of the retailer’s data from the past three years into one online platform and made it accessible to a wide audience for the first time ever.
Key elements of the platform included:
  • Integration of multiple data sources presenting a holistic, detailed and up to date view of performance
  • Easy and intuitive user interface enables everyone to make data-driven decisions and to measure the impact
  • Manufacturers subscribe to the same system giving them unprecedented levels of information in a format the retailer recognises and trusts.
  • Powered by cutting edge IRI Liquid Data technology
The retailer is now able to harness its wealth of data to simultaneously generate revenue and enable its manufacturers to optimize their performance and generate growth


The solution transformed the retailer’s relationships with manufacturers with more than 80% paying to access its data within the first 12 months of launch. Manufacturers now regularly collaborate with the retailer in areas such as:

  • Regional assortment proposals
  • Supply chain improvements
  • Promotional effectiveness feedback

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