Assortment reactivation

A US grocery retailer wanted to reverse a declining trend in key categories following a new assortment strategy and win back shoppersIn just three months


 IRI worked with the client to successfully transform the unsuccessful assortment implementation from a -22% to a +35% performance


A retailer’s assortment strategy resulted in changes to shopper behaviour and losses in prime product categories

IRI Holistic Retail Solution (HRS) examined the client’s loyalty card data to provide valuable insights on how to refocus the shoppers’ attention and improve the product assortment by:

  • Understanding shopper’s previous product preferences and which brands they were loyal to
  • Analysing the purchase cycle for categories experiencing losses
  • Determining which shoppers, who had turned away from key products, were still visiting the store in order to reverse their behaviour
  • Identifying which products should be re-introduced by store cluster

The retailer was able to gain a clear picture of why there was a change in shopper behaviour and how to reverse it by optimising its assortment to generate growth across categories.


IRI HRS produced almost immediate results with category sales experiencing 35% growth compared to the -22% performance before IRI became involved.
Due to IRI’s analysis and recommendations, the client was able to reinstate key delisted brands by store clusters and mitigate its sales losses among its most valuable shoppers.

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