Local Leadership: Paul Hinds

Managing Director, Asia Pacific

Paul Hinds is the Managing Director for Asia Pacific at IRI, a role he has held since 2019.   
Paul has over 25 years experience of helping companies leverage data to develop actionable insights that drive fast and impactful decisions. He is deeply passionate about the power of data and technology to enhance our understanding of human behaviour, what influences our decision making as consumers and how we translate that into value for our clients.
Prior to joining IRI Asia Pacific, Paul spent five years working in our IRI UK team as Director of Retail and was a member of the UK executive board. He transformed our engagement with retailers, establishing new partnerships with Tesco, M&S, Boots, Waitrose, Costco and Morrisons.This included the establishment of IRI UK as a major player in the customer loyalty space, with ourLiquid Data® platform in place at Morrisons, Boots and Waitrose.
Prior to joining IRI, Paul performed leadership roles within commercial, consultancy and delivery functions where he consistently contributed to the success of his clients. He spent five years at a start up insight consultancy called Beyond Analysiswhere he led a number of client engagements, including Visa Europe, Kingfisher Group, Waitrose, Penguin Books and JustGiving.
He also spent seven years at dunnhumby, where he was responsible for insight and loyalty engagements for multiple clients, including Tesco, Shell, British Airways, Deutsche Telecom, Vodafone, Barclays Bank and BskyB.