Category Combination

Using cross category correlation, IRI can calculate which categories have the highest demand in the convenience sector for any type of store.

Store layout and Category Spacing

Analyse how categories interact with each other and provide store layout recommendations, as well as how much space should be given to each category.

Secondary locations

Determine the right number of fridges, freezers and secondary sites to maximise sales.

Sub-category and segment composition

Identify what to sell in-store more accurately, down to the right number of SKUs per sub-category, e.g. 8 colas within soft drinks – and the right combination of SKUs within a category, e.g. diet Pepsi 500ml, Red Label Coca Cola 330ml etc.

Retail analytics

Pricing: find the ideal price points between private label and brands with price gap analysis.

Marketing ROI: identify which products to advertise within leaflets and understand the ROI on store advertising.

Promotions: analyse which deals maximise sales.

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