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Marketing Mix Modelling

Pilot your brand in the most efficient way for success.

Considering the budgets at stake, even the slightest tweak to your price, promotion or media activities can make a huge impact on your brand or portfolio sales and revenues, and this is why more and more companies use marketing mix model programmes to continuously optimise their budgets and grow more efficiently.

With IRI’s marketing mix solution, combine IRI’s pricing and promotion solutions with IRI’s media solutions to give you a competitive edge on how you can maximise your chances for success.

Optimise your product pricing to succeed in an ever-changing shopper and omnichannel environment.

Our price recommendation engine uses deep learning algorithms to quickly identify pricing opportunities, while our predictive price modelling and analytics will tell you what to expect if you increase or decrease your price, based upon your own, and competitor information, across all channels.

Companies spend huge amounts of money on their promotional strategies. We can tell you where to focus your efforts and how to make them succeed.

Assess historical event performance to evaluate a wide variety of metrics, including retailer and manufacturer ROI, and identify key success factors that can be replicated across products and accounts.

Media spends are also a huge part of a company’s budget. While the media environment keeps evolving, we assess where to invest and tell you which campaigns are effective.

Assess historical media channels and campaign performance to evaluate a wide variety of metrics and identify key success factors that can be rolled out across products and channels for a successful media plan.

Use predictive analysis to optimise your price positioning, promotional planning and media activity in order to maximise product, account and manufacturer profit.

Simulate new price changes to maximise your profits; create promotional plans that achieve both retailer and manufacturer goals using centralised planning solutions that can be leveraged across the organisation; and simulate and optimise your media planning for enhanced brand or portfolio growth.

How We´re Different


IRI Liquid Modeling™ is a state-of-the-art modelling engine that delivers fast, scalable and customisable analytics. We bring together tightly integrated data, analytics, technology, people and process to help clients navigate a complex price, promotion and media environment, while scaling our solutions to meet specific client needs.

Marketing Mix


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Marketing Effectiveness


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What Our Clients Say

“If you compare all companies that we have worked with, the IRI Marketing Mix solution was well above and beyond anything we have ever seen…You are delivering something ‘extra special’ in Europe.” 

Executive Vice President, large H&B manufacturer

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