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Precise planning of tomorrow’s profits, today!

One point of more accurate forecast can save a company millions. IRI’s forecasting solution will give you the best possible numbers to grow your revenues & profits.

Because every one point of sales gained through forecasting accuracy can lead to millions in profits, IRI Strategic Forecasting provides an accurate understanding of the impact of key external factors and own activities for long-term lead planning.

Our IRI Strategic Forecasting solution selects the best algorithm and explanatory variables to provide you with the most accurate long-term sales forecast for key brands and categories for continuous growth.

Being able to react to specific stimuli (such as detecting disease outbreak areas in advance, or any economic or seasonal condition) is key to a competitive edge and IRI’s Tactical Forecasting forecasts short-term sales to better adjust in-store and media levers, enhancing sales in real time for immediate growth!

Our IRI Tactical Forecasting solution combines short-term sales and trends along with weekly alerts to better adjust levers and enhance short-term sales for growth.


How We’re Different




IRI Forecasting solution uses a state-of-the-art modelling engine running thousands of models to deliver fast, flexible, scalable and customisable analytics. We use the best available methodologies to provide our clients with first-rate results to grow their profits in the short or long term.



Large FMCG manufacturer was frustrated with the out-of-stock levels experienced on its seasonal items. It wanted to accurately predict how sales would alter each week as weather conditions changed.

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Multi-billion global OTC manufacturer wanted to improve its digital and TV marketing activities (supporting promotional activity) for its main brand across eight countries, by better understanding in near real time the increase in demand for the category.

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What Our Clients Say

“An invaluable solution which, as a result, has allowed us to build our relationship with the retailer. This has translated into us winning more space in their impulse cabinets, with obvious gains in share. A fantastic achievement.”

Sales Vice President, large food manufacturer

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95% of CPG, retail, and health and beauty companies in the Fortune 100 work with us.


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