The FMCG In-Crowd: The Value Series

The Value Series

The Value Series

Hosted by: Daniel Hunt, Commercial Consultant for Price & Promotions at IRI

Episode 1 - Value Perception
In this first episode, we explore shopper’s perceptions of value and what factors may influence their view. Listen "Episode 1 - Value Perception" on Spreaker.

Episode 2 - Price as a Driver of Choice
We chat to our guests about the role of price as a driver of shopper choice. As part of the conversation, we address whether the events of 2020 have altered shopper’s perceptions of price. Listen "Episode 2 - Price as a Driver of Choice" on Spreaker.

Episode 3 - EDLP
EDLP seems to be a perennial discussion but was brought into sharper focus in 2020 when Tesco announced their Great Prices Everyday strategy. We talk to our guests about their thoughts on EDLP and under what circumstances it can be considered successful for a category and brand. Listen "Episode 3 - EDLP" on Spreaker.

Episode 4 - Promotional Effectiveness
During the final episode, we address the role of promotional effectiveness measurement and the various measures of promotional success. Listen "Episode 4 - Promotional Effectiveness" on Spreaker.

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