Understanding Generation Z

Understanding Generation Z


Generation Z is poised to be the most influential generation in human history.

The oldest members of Gen Z are just graduating from college, while its youngest members are still in grade school. Despite that, they account for 20% of all U.S. consumers, with an estimated direct buying power of 143 billion USD. They are a generation to be reckoned with: Constituting approximately 32% of the global population, Gen Z is emerging as the world’s largest and most diverse generation. And now, marketers are jockeying to build brand loyalty among this increasingly valuable cohort.

As the first generation of digital natives, Gen Z was born into a world of seismic social change. With a practical streak that belies their young years, they are known for their work ethic, technology prowess and passion for action. As they come into their own as consumers, employees and citizens, it is imperative to truly understand what motivates and drives them. Moving away from labels and toward the future of data will successfully guide CPGs and retailers that want to market to Gen Z.

Doing so will pay off. Brands that make the connection with this remarkable generation drive, on average, 14x greater dollar growth opportunity versus other generations.

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