IRI GIRA Foodservice

IRI GIRA Foodservice

IRI GIRA Foodservice

IRI GIRA Foodservice is the leader in out-of-home consumption analysis in all aspects of foodservice for operators, consumers, suppliers and distributors to optimise their business strategies.

Unique expertise in descriptive and prospective studies
for all out-of-home segments and distribution channels.

Why choose IRI GIRA Foodservice?
  1. Comprehensive coverage covering all players and out-of-home channels across 10 European countries
  2. Unparalleled quality and reliability of information thanks to a solid methodology allowing quick strategic and tactical decision-making.
  3. The most comprehensive solutions and analyses on the market to identify out-of-home growth opportunities.
  4. A team of experts in out-of-home consumption.


Come possiamo aiutarvi ad incrementare la crescita?


Il 95% delle aziende del largo consumo e della distribuzione elencate nel Fortune 100 lavora con IRI


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