IRI launches NEW range of analytics solutions designed to offer smaller brands affordable insights on Media, Price & Promotion and Assortment

Tailored to enable manufacturers and retailers to drive top and bottom line growth

Bracknell, UK – 13 November 2017 – IRI, the provider of big data and predictive analytics for FMCG manufacturers and retailers, has announced the latest in its range of affordable solutions tailored for smaller brands to help them pinpoint and illuminate growth opportunities. Based on IRI’s market leading LIQUID MODELING™* platform, the new IRI Marketing Mix 7x3, IRI Assortment Optimization Superior and IRI Price & Promotion Superior solutions use store-level data to provide brands with critical business insights to keep up to speed with customers and competitors.

Starting from €10k, clients get access to the insights in just three weeks with the results sent to their inbox or easily accessible online. With access to fast, accurate data, marketers and brand managers are in a better position to stay ahead of the competition and put in place actions to help drive growth in the fast changing UK market.

It follows the recent launch of the IRI Marketing Mix (MMX) 7x3 solution, which enables manufacturers to measure the return on investment of their overall marketing activities, as well as providing actionable insights on the effectiveness of specific pricing models, promotional strategies, media activity and channels.

IRI Price & Promotion Superior will give manufacturers detailed actionable insights so they can accurately measure the return on investment of their overall pricing and promotional activities. Brands that would typically struggle to get access to this kind of data will be able to see which activities have impacted sales most in the last year, as well as how shoppers react to price changes and how reactive they are to promotional activities. More importantly, brands can understand better who their competitors are and how they should react to them.

IRI Assortment Optimization Superior offers reports that detail which product attributes are driving sales within a particular category and the most important attributes that shoppers focus on. It also delivers a unique Preference Index, showing shoppers’ preferences when purchasing a product and the most attractive aspects of each product characteristic. The Index also highlights product interchangeability, i.e. that product’s most interchangeable attributes. Critically, for a smaller brand struggling for shelf space, IRI can show how optimization will impact a brand, which items should be deleted or included and which competitors would be included in an optimal category range.

Stephanie Augier, Product Manager of Analytics for Manufacturers, IRI, says: “Manufacturers are facing an increasing range of challenges today, regardless of their size. So imagine being a smaller brand that is faced with the task of getting recognition among shoppers and, more importantly, space on retailers’ shelves. With shoppers increasingly targeted through personalised channels and brands being forced to find new and innovative ways to influence and reach them, companies need to be able to adapt and move quickly to stay one step ahead of the competition.”

IRI will be running a series of webinars in the UK for clients to understand more about the changes taking place across Media, Price and Range in the UK market, as well as providing advice and case study examples of how manufacturers can take advantage of these changes.

*The IRI LIQUID MODELING™ platform is the only globally scaled, high speed, open integrated analytics delivery platform.

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