Consumption Based Targeting

A national premium coffee brand wanted to grow its packaged coffee sales through a targeted email campaign.

IRI's ProScores™ models drove a 227% email campaign ROI for a client by engaging high-value buyers


The client had a large CRM database; however, they lacked the data needed to target customers more precisely - namely, data on purchase patterns of their brand and data on the overall premium coffee category


IRI conducted an in-depth analysis, leveraging IRI ProScores, purchase propensity models that forecast 12 month spend across brands and categories for every household in the U.S. These models build scores by UPC, brand, retailer and custom segmentations to determine each household’s predicted FMCG spend. ProScores includes highly dimensional demographics, with over 2,000+ variables per household, and thousands of categories and subcategories across multiple brands.


With this powerful tool, we were able to identify not only which shoppers in the database were heavy and light buyers of the client’s brand, but also which shoppers were heavy and light buyers of the overall premium coffee category.


IRI helped the client design a multi-targeted email campaign, executed specifically against 2.1 million recipients who were heavy premium coffee buyers (both heavy and light buyers of the client’s brand). The campaign included two offers: additional loyalty rewards and a $2 off coupon.


At the end of the campaign, IRI measured the impact and made the following recommendations for future campaigns:

Continue to leverage bonus loyalty rewards, as they proved to be the most engaging offer for both heavy and light spenders.
Direct $2 coupon offers to light spenders of the brand only, as these offers encouraged further consumption.


With IRI’s ProScores analysis and insights, the client was able to target more effectively and deploy advertising spend more efficiently. The campaign was a success and delivered a 227% ROI, a 13% sales lift in the light spender segment, and a 10% sales lift in the heavy spender segment.


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